Best Indian Street Foods

Best Indian Street Foods

The Street food culture of India is as diverse as the culture of the country. Every state and region of India has a special street food signature, which you must not miss during your visit to this amazing land.

Streets in Indian cities and towns have both sides helmed with a long queue of stalls and many of them are selling the most delectable dishes that - we can bet – you have never tasted. When it comes to street food in India, you will simply get spoilt for choice. And they are as delicious as those whipped at the celebrity dining spaces.

Here is a walk through the streets of six Indian cities whose street food is an inseparable part of travel in India.


The Taste of Kolkata

The ‘City of Joy’ has a unique street food culture despite being a melting pot of culinary excellence of several countries. JhaalMuri, Phuchka and Ghugni are what describe the go-and-grab Kolkata street foods for the city breeds. They are a must-eat for the cinegoers, shoppers and pandal-hoppers during festive seasons. In addition, spicier and crispier items like vegetable chops, egg/mutton/paneer rolls and, chicken cutlet are also great mouth-entertainers.


The Taste of Mumbai

Mumbai is a home to motley of people and that variety finds a great reflection through the tongue-teasing spreads of street food. Mumbai and Pavbhaji are almost synonymous. In fact, it has achieved an iconic status among the wider variety of street foods in home to Bollywood. Vada Pav is another from the list of must-not-miss Mumbai street foods. Bhel Puri is a very common pick-up as evening snack to enjoy by the seaside. And if you are craving for more twist and taste for your jaded taste buds, channabhatura, Kheema pav and Chicken tikka deserve a mention.


The Taste of Delhi

The capital city of India, known for its great history and heritage, takes pride in cosmopolitan and versatile food culture. If you always swear by great taste, street food family in Delhi will not fail to take you on a heavenly journey of mouth-watering food and flavour. Samosa is one of the most favourite items for the Delhites to break their fast in the morning. It is served with equally tempting chutney. CholeKhulche (flour-made, fluffy and fried item) and Dal Makhani (a Punjabi cuisine) are among hot favourite Delhi street foods on foodies’ platter. People in Delhi have sweet tooth, and their craziness for GulabJamum, KulfiFaluda and Kulle is a great testimony to that.  


The Taste of Indore

This city in Madhya Pradesh has a long list of most lip-smacking street foods. The residents start their day with a uniquely flavoured poha dish. It is a spicy snack teasingly garnished with coriander leaves and tops the chart of must-try street food for the travellers. BhutteKaKees, strongly influenced by both Marwari and Maharashtrian communities, is a part and parcel of Indore street food guide. When it comes to Indore street foods, samosa and papri chaat score high on popularity. And crispy and crunchy nomkins, locally called shev, are another snack that you will hate to miss during your culinary tour of Indore.


The Taste of Agra

Agra is famous for Tajmahal, an architectural spectacle in stone. But the city’s tryst with taste and flavour is equally romantic as eternal love story of Shahjahan and Mumtaz. Petha is the morning flavour for the city residents. Bedai & Jalebi and Bhalla are among the typical breakfast items on locals’ platter. Boasting of great Mughlai food culture, paratha dovetailed with spicy meats will complete your journey of Agra street foods on a high note.


The Taste of Mysore

The snack style of Mysore is dominated by Dosa, Idli and Vara. The first two enjoy popularity throughout India. Your romantic hobnobbing with Mysore street foods will never be rounded up without a deep dig into sumptuous sweets. Mysore Pak definitely rules the sweet taste guide of the city. Made of flour, sugar and pure ghee, Mysore sweets are a part and parcel of palatable food culture in South India.


The street food culture of India is not limited to a handful of dishes available in the above-mentioned six cities. You should give it a try when you are in India. If you are feeling like traveling to India, go through our India Travel Magazine to know a lot more.  


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