Best Breakfast to Kick-Start Your Day while Volunteering in Ecuador

Best Breakfast to Kick-Start Your Day while Volunteering in Ecuador

Someone said it correct, “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”.

It is not unknown that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day; even doctors say it. However, it must be kept into consideration as well, as to what kind of food we are including in our breakfast. The ingredients of a good and healthy breakfast matters a lot, especially, when you are travelling abroad.

And the same importance climbs several notches up when the purpose of travelling is…


Volunteering Abroad!

Every country on earth has its own culinary specialty; Ecuador has its own. Gap year travelers or backpackers traveling to Ecuador for this altruistic work can expect an array of lip-smacking food variety on their platter. But to make sure that they remain active, fit, and healthy enough to sustain their sojourn and execute the volunteer work perfectly it is important that they keep a check on what they are including in their meal, especially the breakfast. Here is a list of some unique and best breakfast dishes you should include in your breakfast while volunteering in Ecuador:


A bowl full of health

Whether you are volunteering in a program in the capital city of Quito or at any other location, one food which you will find in abundance in entire Ecuador is fruits. Apart from the basic variety of fruits like banana, apple, papaya, etc. one can find, and must try, some nutritious local farm grown fruits such as, granadilla, naranjilla, uvilla, taxo, and tree tomato. A nice big bowl of fruit salad may cost you not more than $1.5. And do I even have to mention the benefits of including fruits in your breakfast?


Order this when eating out

Most of the sumptuous dishes in Ecuador include rice, beef, corns, fish, chicken, and the very famous Cuy (Guinea Pig). If you are at any normal food joint in Ecuador for your breakfast, do not miss on hogging these dishes;

A typical Ecuadorian dish made from pork, potatoes, fried plantains, empanadas, popcorn, and pork rinds; accompanied by aji (typical Andean sauce). Filling enough to keep your battery charged for a good 4-5 hours.

This low fried mashed potato filled with cheese dish is one of the most famous and commonly included breakfast foods in Ecuador. It is accompanied by rice, fried egg, sausages, tomatoes, avocados, and lettuce. Bon Appetite!

Seco De pollo & Seco De Chivo
The very own version of Chinese fried rice, these are another famous dishes you will find in Ecuador made from rice and meat/chicken preparation. Ecuadorians are known to improvise on global food preparations by adding their own ingredients to it and giving it a mouth-watering twist. These dishes are healthy and thwart your hunger strike while doing volunteer work for long hours.


Food at Host Family

If you choose to volunteer in Ecuador through any of the volunteer placement agencies, you will be accommodated either in a volunteer house or with a local host family. This is a brilliant opportunity to get a taste of some authentic Ecuadorian food. Volunteers are provided with all three meals of a day, starting with a nice, filling, authentic Ecuadorian breakfast. Certainly, a good way to start your day in Ecuador with some home made fresh breakfast.


Divine treat at Galapagos

Living in this amazing archipelago itself is a rejuvenating and motivating factor to volunteer. Being more on the coastal side of Ecuador, if at all you happen to volunteer in Galapagos, your breakfast table will be filled with lot of sea food preparations. Be it Langosta (lobster), Camarones (shrimps), Cangrejo (crab), or a plain bowl of Encebollado (a spicy soup made with large chunks of tuna or other meaty fish, tomatoes, and onion); breakfast in Galapagos is a heaven for a sea food lover. 


It seems that whenever anyone mentions Ecuadorian food, the typical Cuy (guinea pig) dish usually comes up.

However there is more than your friendly pet to be eaten in Ecuador; especially for your breakfast.


Travel tip shared by Dronacharya Dave


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