Best Beaches to Relax in Mumbai

Best Beaches to Relax in Mumbai

You won’t find a city as fast-paced as Mumbai in India.

Everyone survives on the crazy hustle that defines this city. You almost wonder whether Mumbaikars take a moment to relax, ponder, and take a deep breath at all! But head to the corners of the city, and you’ll find little treasures that are the perfect escape for a break from all that madness.

Beaches in Mumbai offer a contrast of individuals sitting back to relax and calm down against the backdrop of a busy city life.

You will also find some of the best food joints and restaurants in Mumbai lining the popular beaches with a stunning view of the sea and sunset while you have a lovely meal with your family and friends. Starting from way up north to the family hangouts in west and south, each beach in Mumbai has its own story to tell.


Here is a list to help you discover a little more about the must-visit hotspots:

1. Aksa Beach

This beach in Malad West is often ranked among the cleanest beaches in India.

Experience serenity as you stroll down the stretch, enjoying the soothing view of the waves gently kissing the light sand shores. Go on weekends and you’ll spot the locals indulging in some sporty fun with a game of football or volleyball.

Best time to head to the beach is in the morning, if you wish for some quality peaceful time. What’s more, you may also witness celebrities jogging down the stretch!


2. Juhu

Juhu is the perfect spot to take a quick break when exploring the city.

A half an hour ride from The LaLiT Mumbai, the best hotel in Mumbai, the beach is all about the homely comfort. Street vendors light up the beach by sunset.

You will see them selling lip smacking treats - from the ever reliable vada pav with an extra dash of spicy topping, to the crowd favourite Bombay sandwich.

The beach stays crowded with families and college students well into the night, with most of the crowd stepping out for a brisk walk post dinner.


3. Chowpatty

Situated next to the glorious Marine Drive, this beach is an absolute delight to be at!

Best time to visit Chowpatty is post sunset once the Golden Necklace lights up, creating an ethereal view of the Marine Drive promenade and a dreamy background for your photos.

If you are traveling with kids, you can also keep them engaged with fun kiddie rides by the beach. Some of the best eating joints in Mumbai are extremely close to Chowpatty, so you may even plan to append the entire evening around the area, absorbing the best of the Mumbai view and of course the mouth watering food.


4. Versova Beach

Versova is a beautiful extension of the Juhu beach.

Versova is home to the local fishing community, so be prepared to spot large fishing boats off the shore if you plan to head here in the morning.

The beach is known for its participation in the grand Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations every year, along with the universally acclaimed Cleanliness Drive that has transformed the face of the beach.

Visit the beach for stunning sunrise and sunsets by the waterfront. The vibrant hues on the surface of the sea are meant to be captured in a frame and cherished! You may also kick back with a little horse-riding and water sports for the thrills.


Mumbai may be known for the liveliness of its fast-paced life, but these stunning getaways and rejuvenating beaches truly make it the City of Dreams.