Bermuda Airport - Meeting The Demands Of Increasing Visitors!

Bermuda Airport - Meeting The Demands Of Increasing Visitors!

Located amidst North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory. It is also referred to as the Bermudas or Somers Islands. It is situated close to US, east to North Carolina.

The destination enjoys a prosperous economy. Its largest sector is off-shore finance closely followed by tourism. The destination claimed to have highest GDP per capita in the year 2005 but it was rather difficult to corroborate these claims as the place has been classified as a UK territory instead of an independent country.

The place enjoys a subtropical climate and as a result visitors from faraway places love to visit this destination.


The mystery surrounding the easternmost point of the destination as “Bermuda Triangle” makes it highly popular. The mystery is regarding a region in the sea where a large number of aircrafts and sea vessels have allegedly gone missing under mysterious circumstances.

The island experiences extreme weather and powerful hurricanes. It also faces the challenges of power outages but still is high on popularity quotient owing to the mystery that shrouds the place.

L.F. Wade International Airport is the major airport of Bermuda. Its IATA Code is BDA. Earlier the airport was referred to as Bermuda International Airport. Serving this destination, it is the only airport which is located in a British overseas territory. Located north east of its capital city, Hamilton, the airport lies amidst the parish of St. George's.

The airport handled about 900,000 passengers in the year 2006 about 7% up from 2005. The airport boasts of one cargo terminal, one passenger terminal and eight aircraft stands. It can also support huge aircrafts like the Boeing 747.

At present, seasonal or year round scheduled services are operated by ten airlines to this airport at this heavenly destination from the United Kingdom, the Unites States and Canada. British Airways' Boeing 777-200s are the largest aircraft currently operating in scheduled service at BDA on a regular basis.

The peak season to visit this island begins from June and continues till August. This is the summer season and at this time of the year, the airport handled approximately million passengers in the year 2006. On a weekly basis, there were about 258 airline arrivals and departures of flights.

According to a survey conducted, the passengers reported high satisfaction level at the services offered by the airport. This survey was conducted on the basis of the parameters like security, check-in facilities and staff.

To handle the growing traffic of corporate jets, the former NATO hanger is now being used as airport. This hanger was built in 1990s. Since this island is far away from the nearest landmass, only jets and turboprops that are long range are used by the airport.


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