Berlin Tram and Underground System

Berlin Tram and Underground System

Your train ticket to Berlin will also allow you to ride the tram or underground from the train station to your hotel or final destination in the city for free on the day of your arrival.

Just hang on to your train ticket and be prepared to show it should someone ask for proof.

The tram and underground systems in Berlin work on the honour system and it is rare to be asked for your ticket. But you could face a severe fine if asked to produce your ticket and you don't have one.

The Berlin tram and underground are both fabulous, convenient, efficient, modern and clean modes of transportation that serve all parts of the city. Tickets are inexpensive: 2.30 Euros for one 2-hour ticket, 6.30 Euros for a 24-hour ticket. They work on both the tram and underground systems as well as on buses, and you can move from one system to the other with the same ticket.

You can buy tickets from a machine on the underground platform, at special ticket offices (there's one at the train station) or on the bus or tram (coins may be required).

Once you buy your ticket, you must validate it at your first point of entry, whether on the underground or a tram or bus. There are no barriers or ticket takers (it's the honour system), so just look for a small machine on the underground platform or the tram or bus and insert your ticket to have it time stamped.

If you're planning on staying in Berlin for a while, it might be worthwhile to buy a "Berlin Welcome Card," a tourist pass or multi-day pass for the trams and underground, which also gives you discounts at restaurants, museums and other tourist sites.

A 48-hour pass costs 16.90 Euros, 72-hour pass is 22.90 Euros, and a five-day pass is 29.90 Euros. We used ours extensively for travel and it worked like a charm. We did not find as many restaurants and museums that accepted the card as we would have liked, but we still saved money on those that did take it.

Click here for the link to the Berlin Welcome Card site.

There is also a more expensive "Berlin Welcome Card Museuminsel" that also includes access to the five major museums on museum island.


Travel tip shared by Dan Cooper