The Beautiful Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso

The Beautiful Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso

Just above Locarno, in the village Orselina, is the beautiful sanctuary Madonna del Sasso.

It is rooted in the ancient tradition of votive gifts.

Looking at the sanctuary you’ll get the impression that it is somehow floating in between Locarno, the Lago Maggiore and the stunning mountains.

It’s a very scenic view and one of the best photo-spots all around Locarno.

Madonna del Sasso is also one of the most famous places of pilgrimage in the Italian part of Switzerland. it’s definitely a unique athmosphere.

You reach Madonna del Sasso either by cable railway or by foot along the impressive stations of the cross. I recommend to try both possibilities. I took for one way the cable railway (it's very comfortable to let the railway to the "hard work") and walked along the stations of the cross back down to Locarno.

My tip: If you are going to visit Locarno you shouldn't miss Madonna del Sasso!


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