The Beautiful Delft in the Netherlands

The Beautiful Delft in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous because of Amsterdam (and okay the tullips etc.). Most of the tourists who come to The Netherlands go to Amsterdam, or one of the other cities like Rotterdam, Den Haag or Utrecht.

But the Netherlands is more then only just big cities!

I'll tell you something about one of my favorite cities in The Netherlands calls Delft. When I talk about Delft I always call it Little Amsterdam. Amsterdam is famous because of their canals, but Delft also have a lot of canals, the streets are small and that gives a cosy feeling. 

Delft is a real student city, every year a lot of new students come over to study at one of the famous universities. Because of those students Delft is always very lively. Every weekend there is something like a festival or a concert, every weekend it's different. When you visit Delft in the winter, there is also an ice rink and every year you have lightning eve. This lightning eve is a evening where they turn on the lights of the christmas tree. After there this there is a lot to see in the centre, like dance shows, a market and some attractions.

But even in the summer Delft is nice. The terraces are full with people, and it feels really warm. Even it's busy with students, touristis and of course the people who live in Delft, it still feels warm and like not a big city.

So if you visit the Netherlands, and you don't like busy Amsterdam, then check Delft and enjoy your time there!


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