Off the Beaten Track of Dublin the Fair City

Off the Beaten Track of Dublin the Fair City

Dublin always conjures up images of Guinness, the Liffey, O Connell Street and Bono.

There is a different side to Dublin these days – a new cultural side that is embracing Dublin’s status as weekend retreat and a hive of tourist activity.

Now you can seek out Leprechauns, Pop up shops and theatre on your travels around the City.


Check out this bucket list of weird and unusual things that leave the regular tourist trail for dust:

Check Out the Mummies

The Crypt at St Michan’s houses the mummies of some of the City’s most notable figures of Dublin’s 17th 18th and 19th Century Families. The dry atmosphere which is unusual for a crypt has preserved the bodies and the decorated coffins. Guided tours of the crypt are available.


- Meet the Clan

Staying on the underground theme visit the Iron Age Bog Bodies discovered in Old Croghan, Co. Offaly and Clonycavan, Co. Meath. Said to date from around 400 BC AND 200 BC they have been kept in an incredibly good state of preservation and are thought to be the bodies of those sacrificed during sovereignty and kingship rituals during the Iron Age. Who knows, they may be a distant relative of yours?!


- Dark Tales from Hell Fire Caves

As part of the Dublin Hidden Walks you can tour the Mountains most infamous spot where the Hell Fire Club used to meet. As part of their meetings it was rumoured Satanical worship and the Occult were all part of the fun and games that happened here. Allegedly haunted, this is not a place for the faint hearted! Take a torch…


- Grab some me time at St Stephens Green

If the dark arts aren’t your cup of tea then make a break for daylight and take in a more halcyon experience at St Stephen’s Green. Just a stone’s throw from the busy Centre but a haven of peace and tranquillity for those looking for a little bit of calm from the hustle and bustle of the City Centre. Dublin as a city is blessed with having many green areas to relax in and watch the world go round and what better way to stand still and get your breath back than here?


- Hang Out With The Little People

Bring out your inner child at the Leprechaun Museum where you can explore the world of Irish mythology and folklore. Taking you on a trip of the common stories behind Irish Folklore and you can even see life from a Leprechauns point of view. Be sure to look out for that pot of gold.