Beach Holi-Day in Hamburg – Possible!

Beach Holi-Day in Hamburg – Possible!

Hamburg got one of the biggest and most important harbors in Europe.

So you would guess it lies at the sea... Wrong!

All the big ships with hundreds of containers, all the big cruise ships and every other vessel reach Hamburg via the river Elbe. So the city of Hamburg is close to the sea, but it's still not right next to it.

How is it possible that you can have a beach holi-day then, without heading to the sea?

Have it in the busy harbor!

Serious! You'll love it!

Maybe don't book a two week beach vacation and just head there for a day. That's why I call it a “holi-day” and not “holiday”. ;-)

Relax at the beach or head to the end of the beach to the cafe “Strandperle” or “Ahoi” and enjoy a nice Astra (a local beer) and have some snacks. Important, head to those two cafes and don't stop where you'll arrive by ferry.


Arriving by ferry is by the way a very easy and cheap way to get there. You will probably buy the Hamburg Card, with which you can use all public transport for free for only € 6,- per day and per person. The ferries are included as well! So head to the River Elbe, good option are the Landungsbrücken close to the city centre. 

We stayed in the unique and really nice Mövenpick Hotel, an old water tower at the hip district “Schanzenviertel”. It's just two stops from Sternschanze to Landungsbrücken by underground.

Then look out for the ferry 62. That one will get you with 3, 4 stops to “Neumühlen, Övelönne/Museumshafen”. That will be a ride of about 10 minutes.

There are a few museum ships, probably worth to look at it. But we headed straight to our beach holi-day. There are a few cafes right at the beginning. All nice situated with terraces overlooking the river. But these are the usual tourist stops. Pass them and head along the beach or the small pathway just above the beach and walk the 500 meters to the end. There you'll find the Strandperle and Ahoi.

You won't get huge meals there, but they will have some yummy Chili con Carne, soups, potato salad and other snacks.

Stay as long as you like and plan in a few extra minutes, if the weather plays along.

Right in front of you will be huge ships passing. Everyone pushed and pulled by the strong pilot cutters.

That's a sight you won't find often!


Hamburg got more than just the huge and important harbor. It also got a very popular dockyard, the Blohm & Voss.

They have the possibility to work on the biggest ships with one of the biggest dry decks in the world and you'll pass it when using the ferry back to the Landungsbrücken. They also built the super yacht “Eclipse” for Roman Abramowitch and “Lady Moura” for Nasser Ar-Rschid.

Enjoy your different beach holi-day and let us know how you liked it!


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