Be Prepared for Hostel Life

Be Prepared for Hostel Life

Staying in Hostels might not be for everyone.

There is no real luxury element to it, they are more crowded, possibly smaller and less high in standard. Of course, this does not apply across the board but choosing accommodation that match a small pocket comes with a price to pay in comfort. That is not to say that staying in hostels is necessarily inconvenient. There are always pros and cons to it.

So if you are as of yet unsure of where to stay – hostel or hotel – both come in different price classes and standards.


To help you out a bit, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages when booking a hostel:


Like hotels, hostels can provide amenities in the form of vouchers and local tips of what to see and where to eat. Booking tours is also possible but here hostels might even offer cheaper deals since the main target group is backpackers struggling with a budget but wanting the full experience.


Going Out

Hostels usually do not have their own restaurants but more often than not, a pub or bar is or cooperating on its corner, attracting the visitors with special deals and events throughout the week. Staying in a party town or popular backpackers destination will give you a themed night with prices and competitions that are easier on your wallet than if you went out in a proper restaurant.



Cooking in hotels is usually not allowed or possible, that is what the restaurants are for and staying in a foreign country, the local cuisine is a must. However, for those hobby cooks or saving sassy, cooking is a good option of preparing food on the go and eating off leftovers to avoid saggy sandwiches from corner shops. However, the cooking facilities are not always up to par when it comes to agreeable hygiene since they are used so often and over a long period of time, the boiling pots might have accumulated another layer of unremoveable black grime and there is nothing you can do about it. Of course this depends, some hostels have excellent cleaning staff, brand new kitchenware or simply hire out their dishes so that they must be returned in good shape.



Let’s be honest the only people you will chat to in a hostel will most likely be the concierge, random people in the elevator and the annoyingly talkative couple in the hotel restaurant that just wouldn’t notice that you had your mouth full of haute cuisine. In hostels, on the other hand, you might find it hard to find some quiet time since backpackers are usually a friendly, open and curious bunch. Even sitting in the corner with your laptop and phone, busily typing away, you can count on someone approaching you for a chat. The good thing to this is you get interesting stories, great travel advice and new inspiration for where you should go next.