B&B Etiquette Tips

B&B Etiquette Tips

The first thing you will notice is that a B&B stay feels like home away from home.

It’s not a hotel where there are hundreds of staff to cater to your every whim. On the contrary, the innkeepers of a B&B are there to make you feel comfortable, but they are not your servants. The owners of the B&B have graciously opened their home to you as a guest, and as being a guest in any person’s home, the same rules apply.

Besides, unlike resorts and hotels, you're likely to have a far more personal experience.

Here are a few things you need to know when booking into a B&B.

The Booking

The very first thing you are going to do is to make the booking of course, but in doing this, timing is everything. There are B&Bs that have web sites that explain whether to call or use a contact form, and with it comes a list of policies. If arrival cut-off time is at 8pm then don’t get there after 9pm. If you happen to get stuck in traffic, let the innkeeper know that you will be running late. It’s only common courtesy.


Be Courteous with your Time

Do not bother a B&B owner during breakfast hours. Any innkeeper will tell you there's nothing worse than having the phone ring while having a pot on the stove.

Innkeepers do not work a traditional 9-to-5 job, but this does not mean you can bother them at any given time. Use discretion in choosing when to phone, whether it is during the day or night.


Respect Goes a Long Way

Respect the fact that a B&B owner is sharing personal space, even if it is still only a business. Enquire if it is all right to sit in their lounge suites or living room, for instance, or to use garden furniture.

If you are allergic to any foods, be sure to communicate these needs early on in order to cater to the stocking of appropriate provisions. And do compliment the innkeeper on his/her cooking, especially if it is really good.

Keep in mind that the B&B owner is not your servant. They do provide a service, but if you treat them with kindness you might get the option of having coffee before breakfast is served, the most luxurious down pillows, the complementary glass of wine, or a gift at departure.

Wherever you go, remember that having a good time will come from spending it with those you love and meeting new people whereby you can build lifelong friendships. The B&B setup is a homely one, if you want away from that kind of feeling then you should much rather go to a hotel.