Bathing in Budapest - Gellert Baths

Bathing in Budapest - Gellert Baths

The baths are a must while in Budapest.  

One of the first things anyone will ask you when you say you've been to Budapest is "did you go to the baths?"  the second question being "which baths did you go to?".

There is much debate on which baths are the best, less crowded, less touristy, cleanest, etc...

We decided on Gellert Baths because they were the closest to where we were staying.  


What we were told about Gellert Baths from other travelers:

- They are the most touristy

- The staff is not helpful

- It's overcrowded


What we found:

- The staff was extremely nice and helpful

- There was hardly any people there

- There were tourists and locals alike


Because we had such a great experience there we would like to share a few tips to help you have the best experience possible.

- Arrive early, we were there at 9 am on a Sunday (clothed/co ed day) and were able to be alone in several baths.  I think it's also a reason why the staff was so friendly because when we left, at 2pm, the lines were long and the staff seemed a bit cranky.


What to bring:

-  flip flops, not to be gross but even though the baths were clean, the rooms are warm and are a good place for bacteria to grow.  Avoid going home with a plantar's wart or other surprises and bring your flip flops.

-  a towel, you can rent one but why pay extra when you can just bring your own?

- water bottle, some baths are hot and if you use the sauna as well you lose a lot of water.  to rehydrate, there are water fountains so bring a refilable bottle.

- Bring only what you need, the entrance fee includes a locker, avoid having your iphone or other valuables stolen and leave them in your room safe.

An adult ticket (including locker) on a weekend day will cost you 4300 HUF (around €15.00), well worth the price.


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