Bars and Nightlife of Bergen, Norway

Bars and Nightlife of Bergen, Norway

There is a great variety of bars, night clubs, concert venues etc. in Bergen.

Night clubs are usually open from 11 pm, but life never starts before 1 am. Bars opens at different hours, some can be open all day.

No places are allowed to serve alcohol after 2:30 am, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages must cease at 3 am at the latest. Some places are required to close earlier. The establishments are only allowed to let people bring their drinks outside if they have been granted a special permit. A requirement to get this permit is that they have a confined space outdoors for their guests. All drinks must be indoors by 1 am.

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are the best nights, Saturdays being the clear winner. Some clubs have a 2 for 1 policy on Wednesdays, and Sunday is usually the night for people in the industry.

Most places require that you are 20 years of age and that you can provide a valid ID, even if you are much older. Valid IDs are Norwegian bank cards, European standard driver's licenses and ID cards and passports.

Prices vary great from place to place, ask at the door if you need to know. In the weekends, there is usually a cover charge from kr. 50 to kr. 100 at night clubs. Almost all night clubs and many bars have a dress code. The required attire varies; Supporter gear is generally not accepted even in sports pubs. Remember that smoking in all indoor areas where people work is strictly prohibited by law in Norway.

Most restaurants, bars, night clubs etc. will require you to leave if you try to smoke indoors.


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