Bariloche, Argentina - Gorgeous Patagonia region

Bariloche, Argentina - Gorgeous Patagonia region

My trip to the Patagonia region of South America was filled with such picturesque landscapes! After conquering Oserno volcano in southern Chile, my tour group proceeded to venture into Argentina. This was no easy task, but it was breath-takingly beautiful! We had to take many modes of transport such as buses, small boats then transferring to other boats to from country to country. The journey provided us with views of mountain ranges, scenic lakes, and forests. I just could not take my eyes off the glorious world landscape with which we were blessed.

Finally, we arrived over the border into Bariloche, Argentina. This quaint, little village reminds one of a Swiss town. It is dotted with Swiss-style ski chalets and Swiss architecture. There are mountainous backdrops similar to the Alps. For us sweet-lovers, the main shopping street in town, is lined with chocolate shops as in Switzerland. These chocolatiers create such exquisitely formed pieces of work that are just as delicious to eat as they are for the eye to behold!

The St. Bernard dogs with a jug under their chin are popular with tourists, as a photo opportunity.

The town also has shops which sell the local rose mosqueta tea and rose mosqueta skincare products.

Breath-taking mountains, pictuesque lakes, and forests plus scrumptious chocolate...What more could you want ?!

I highly recommend a Patagonia trip with a stop in Bariloche!

Written and contributed by Maria


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