Bangalore: A Paradise for Music Lovers

Bangalore: A Paradise for Music Lovers

Music in India is an ensemble of different genres, tunes, beats, and scales. If you are a music lover, India will surely not disappoint you in any way.

The country may seem chaotic to outsiders, but amidst this colorful country lies a vibrant music scene that will enchant your soul. Music speaks a common tongue, and that is why it has the same effect on people of any demographic.

When I was traveling to India, I went to several pubs, bars, open music events in every metropolis in the country. Bangalore was, however, different, and it gave me the highest musical ecstasy. Bangalore is dotted with cafés, pubs, bars, and lounges in every corner. Bangalore is brimful of music lovers and has a very youthful vibe. The Silicon Valley of India has several options for music lovers from all genres ranging from Hindustani Folk, Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, and everything you can name. An absolute gem of a genre I discovered in Bangalore was Carnatic Music.

Since I want to tell my readers about the music scene in Bangalore, let’s get on with it! If you are a music aficionado visiting Bangalore, then there are some grand festivals you cannot miss, provided you are there when they happen!


Major Bangalore Music Festivals


This one festival changed my outlook about how colorful India can be! Ruhaniyat brings out Sufi musicians, saints, mystics from around the world in one place. It is more than just a music festival and perhaps the closest to my heart. It is the celebration of music and peace in the form of different performances. A message of harmony is evident from the festival. I was astonished to see performances of folk singers, Wakaris and Qawwals in one place.


Echoes of Earth

India is taking steps towards greener living, and Echoes of Earth tries to establish this thought. It is India’s first ecologically crafted music festival that focuses on sustainable living. When I was in Bangalore, the festival hosted north of 40 artists in one go! The music consists of several genres and performances by international artists.


Storm Festival

A one of a kind music festival that establishes the concept of camping out. The venue is set amidst the lush green vegetation on the outskirts of Bangalore. Three nights of insane performances, music, nature, and food, Storm Festival is all that and more! People can camp out under the stars and listen to live Post-Rock. Alternatively, sit alongside the bonfire and listen to trip-hop while assuaging their minds in the transcendence.


Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival

Lakshminarayana global music festival is one of the oldest ‘global’ festivals in India. I was surprised to learn that it is hosted in 55 countries. Probably the only music festival that made me explore Indian music to a new extent. Indian classical, Jazz, Rock, and Folk music was brimming from every soundstage. The festival was established in 1992 and has seen performances by legendary artists like Bismillah Khan, Jean-LucPonty, and MS Subbulakshmi. The festival has hosted audiences of up to 200,000 at a single fiesta.

Bangalore is a melting pot of culture and is a must visit place for music aficionados. During my India trip, I encountered several places, and was able to capture different life experiences. The music scene in India is truly enchanting in every way and is a must visit! Since my time in India, I have discovered and rediscovered music that has pumped good vibes back in to me.