Bandung, a cool natural city and Shopping paradise

Bandung, a cool natural city and Shopping paradise

For travellers who visit Indonesia, West Java, Bandung City is well known for the name Paris Van Java, as the city with high demand of fashion from clothes bags and life style. Bandung is not a really big city but a lot of creative people because a lot of student from all around Indonesia or overseas come here to study.

Have a great cheap fashion wear along Martadinata and also Dago Street, there are lots of Factory Outlet selling affordable branded items.

You can also enjoy a lot of street food such as Es Durian, an ice cream with strong Durian flavor, usually with black sticky rice as topping, with chocolate milk. Also try otak-otak made from ground Mackarel fish and flour, put in banana leaf and then grilled on the charcoal. Don’t forget strawberry juice and also batagor. Very nice and super cheap!!

Have a cozy evening at Paris Van Java, an open air mall with lots of coffee shops and good priced restaurants with great food. The environment is very nice.

Heading to the north of Bandung city visit Ciater, a natural hot spring and Tangkuban Perahu (Capsize Boat –because it look like a capsized boat) dead volcano. The scenery is beautiful. Forgive all the souvenirs seller because sometimes they are like following you wherever you go and keep promoting their souvenirs. It can be very annoying but just say “no,thanks” and don’t look back, it works!!

If you want to go a little bit further visit Kawah Putih (White Crater) at Ciwidey area.This place usually used at Pre-Wedding photoshoot venue, because its romantic and cool.
There are cheap souvenirs at Cihampelas street, like a great big statue from Superman to Batman, Rambo, Ultra man, etc. This street also full of shops for jeans, clothes, bandung food, and Travel agents.

You’ll never know til you come, Enjoy Bandung!!!

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Written and contributed by oliviathetracks