Bali, Indonesia, Daily Travel Budget for backpackers

Bali, Indonesia, Daily Travel Budget for backpackers

When I’m planning a new trip and scouring the web for information on a certain country/region, one of the first questions I need answered is, “How much does it cost?”

Unfortunately, there is little helpful information on the web for an updated daily budget for budget travelers.

As much as I love Lonely Planet, there budgets are sometimes off by $5 – $10/day (which many not seem like a lot, but if your budget is only $20/day, that’s a 25% to 50% difference.

Here was my daily budget for Indonesia, specifically Bali and Lombok, in March 2009 (in USD):

Meal in a warung: $1 – $2

Meal in cheaper tourist restaurant: $2 – $3

Budget guesthouse accommodation: $6 – $8 per night

Bottle of water: $0.50 to $1

Local energy drink in a nightclub: $3

Taxi ride/motorbike ride (within neighborhood): $.50 to $1.50

Watching hot surfers: $0

Chillin with the locals on the beach: PRICELESS :)

Total Time in Indonesia: 30 days

Total Spent: $600 USD

Daily Average: $20/day

Written and contributed by Jasmine Wanders