Baalbek: One Colossal Reason to Visit Lebanon!

Baalbek: One Colossal Reason to Visit Lebanon!

Baalbek is in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon which is the main arable land in the country, once famous for opium and hashish – now full of corn, cotton and vegetables. The valley was an important agricultural region for the Romans too.

The Roman city of Baalbek was once known as “Heliopolis” or the “city of the sun”.

It is one of the most impressive Roman sites you'll ever see - the monumental scale of the buildings at Baalbek will blow you away. The gods that are were worshipped there were Jupiter, Venus and Bacchus.

The Temple of Jupiter was said to be the largest in the Roman empire!

If you do visit Baalbek you should also take a look at the Roman quarry from which the Baalbek stones were taken to build the temple complex. It is not far from the main site and open to the public. There is still one of the large cut stones in the quarry and it is massive – said to be 1000 tonnes and one of the largest monoliths cut by man. This monolith is known as “The Stone of Midi” or “Hajar al Hubla” which means “stone of the pregnant woman”. It was quarried, but never moved.

An awesome place that I thoroughly recommend!