Authentic Food in Zambia

Authentic Food in Zambia

When you travel I do hope that you choose to sample the exciting local dishes and flavours that you will find in any new land - afterall food is part of the experience in my opinion.

There are many places you can enjoy real Zambian cuisine in Zambia but here's two in the most popular cities of Lusaka (captial city) and Livingstone (adventure travel capital) Zambia.

The Boma African restaurant in Lusaka comes alive at lunch time and it is especially vibrant in the cool evenings. You have to weave your way through the old Lusaka Club in Longacres (a suburb in Lusaka) and then nestled among lots of greenery and in the open air is the restuarant that seats 50.

There's a lunchtime buffet with great choice! 15 different kinds of freshly grown vegetables and varied meats such as game meat, oxtail, organic chicken, smoked fish, curried fish, beef stew and lots more - all freshly prepared.

Then there is Ngoma Zanga which means 'my drums'. You'll find this restaurant in Livingstone, and this is certainly an experience! It is run by Jane Osborne, one of Zambia’s most creative designers of contemporary African inspired couture and singers.

When you enter the restaurant you'll be welcomed in traditional Zambian style by the staff dressed in Zambian inspired dress code. You'll be seated in an open air garden setting and you'll be surrounded by the most inspiring Zambian crafts and decor. And you'll be entertained by a fabulous show of traditional Zambian dancers performing on the stage, in full traditional costume, to lively music, drums, the sound of singing, chants and clapping, perfectly balanced so you feel the energy and excitement, for a magical experience while you enjoy a great meal.

Nshima is a staple food in Zambia and is a form of carbohydrate made from maize flour prepared into a thick porridge. Nshima is eaten together with vegetables, fish or meat, traditionally using your hands rather than a knife and fork. Will you join in the tradition? Taste the many different varieties of foods across Zambia - village chicken (nkuku mu chikasu), buffalo (nyama ya mu mpanga) and fresh or dried fish such as bream. Vegetables include cassava leaves (katapa), sweet potato leaves (kalembula), dried amaranthas (bondwe), or pumpkin leaves (chibwabwa). You could even sample more exotic foods like fried caterpillars (ifishimu fya kusalula)!

I challenge you to seek these places out as you explore Zambia and really experience all of what Zambia has to offer! The food is great, I even cook my own Zambian dishes from what ingredients I can find when I am not in Zambia!

They are both easy to find - in Lusaka you can ask a taxi to take you the Boma and in Livingstone, Ngoma Zanga is on the main street. You can link to the Best of Zambia website for a full write up on these two fabulous Zambian restaurants.