Attractions to Visit in Malacca, Malaysia

Attractions to Visit in Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca in Malaysia has always been a popular visitor attraction. The Portuguese first landed here, but in addition you can also easily see the influence of the Dutch and English colonials.

There are some great examples of Dutch architecture here. For example, the Dutch Christ Church was established in 1753.  It’s best to visit the city for two days. It takes approximately 2.5 hours by car to reach Malacca from Kuala Lumpur. You can also use transport such as the bus or train get there.

During your visit, also consider visiting the Gunung Ledang; a gorgeous leisure park.


Popular Attractions in Malacca

Malacca is listed as a World Heritage Site due to its historical center with distinct ancient structures. Many attractions can be found amongst the Heritage Sites. Below is a list of Malacca’s attractions.


Christ Church

In the city center you will get an opportunity to enter the famous Christ Church. You must visit this charming monument when you are in Malacca.



An ancient Dutch Stadthuys is situated close to the Dutch Square where you can also visit the Christ Church. There is a complete tour inside the structure.


St. Paul's Cathedral

Close to the popular Christ Church and the Stadhuys, there is a path that goes up to the top of the Bukit St. Paul hill; where you can find the remains of the ancient St. Pauls Cathedral. Trek to this hill in the morning to keep yourself away from the busy crowds and to enjoy a nice change in climate.


Porta de Santiago (A Famosa)

There is one more place that you should go to see when you are traveling in Malacca and that is - Porta de Santiago located just right below Bukit St. Paul. This is where you can find the remains of the Portuguese forts.


Jonker Street

Jonker Street is a market where you can take pleasure in the famous night market on the weekends. In addition a number of street vendors sell all types of things including distinctive gifts. There are also a number of places to enjoy a snack or drink.


Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

A very beautiful Chinese temple where you can witness followers performing their every day rituals. Don't miss visiting at the time of the Chinese New Year. It is situated close to Temple Street.


Portuguese Settlement

To be found along the shores of Malacca, about 10 minutes drive out of town. You can find remnants of the Portuguese influence here. Several Portuguese settlers are still to be found here. A number of small vendors sell exotic fish.


Malacca is a nice city and due to its historical culture, and the city is always a favorite amongst history lovers.


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