Aspects of Rome Tourism Explored Here to Favour Your Holiday Decision to Visit Rome:

Aspects of Rome Tourism Explored Here to Favour Your Holiday Decision to Visit Rome:

Rome is a city and extraordinary commune in Italy.

Rome is the capital of Italy with 2.8 million inhabitants and is the nation's biggest urban district here. The city is found in the midway western partition of the Italian Peninsula, on the Tiber inside the Lazio district of Italy. Rome is implied as "The Eternal City" as an idea communicated by antiquated Roman writers and journalists.

Let's explore some of the best 10 reasons to visit Rome.


Reasons to visit Rome:

  • Architecture:

Rome has constantly been witnessing civilizations right from the 1000 BC and its people have created architectural wonders here. One excellent example is the Colosseum which is a partially ruined structure with testament eh city’s outstanding architectural skills.


  • Visual arts:

The land is filled with impressive fountains, paintings, mosaics and sculptures from different era and the houses in Rome are cultural treasures to be explored through Rome tourism.


  • Performing arts:

These activities happed all through the year here with excellent music .Orchestral music compliments the players and there is a feast of classical events hosted along with the symphony concerts.


  • Climate:

Rome tourist information is not complete without a mention on its climate, the summer months are with relatively low humidity and the warm breezes offers a lot of things to see and do in Rome.


  • Religion:

Rome is the ultimate destination for Catholics. The Pope flanked by the cardinals would walk to the Circus Maximus on Ash Wednesday. The St.Peter’s Basilica designed by Michelangelo has the best interiors in all churches of the world.


  • Food:

The Roman cuisine is delicious and is based on fresh and seasonal ingredients. The menu is simple with focus on cheese, meat and vegetables. Pasta and Pizzas are famous here.


  • Sports:

Rome has an excellent array of sporting events such as the Olympic Stadium that is host major football and tennis games. Marathons are also organised for sports enthusiast.


  • Cinema:

The Cinecitta studios are the largest film and television production facility in the entire Europe. A large number of latest hit movies are filmed here. Film festivals are also organised each year to showcase the works of new directors and other film personnel.


  • Festivals:

Rome tourism flourishes because of its festivals that happen all year round. They are special on Ash Wednesdays and in Christmas season. The festival of Francesca, celebrated at the Piazzale del Colosseo is quite famous here.


  • Events in spring and summer:

In the month of April, the magnificent Spanish steps, by far the largest stairway in the entire Europe are decorated with azalea plants as part of their celebrations, which bounds to continue all through July and August months.


Travel tip shared by Emela Simpson