Architectural Highlights of Dalat City

Architectural Highlights of Dalat City

If you would like to visit Vietnam and explore the most splendid landscapes in the country, I would recommend Dalat city to you.
With the pleasant climate all year round, absolutely poetic forests, streams and waterfalls together with brilliantly-colored flowers, Dalat boasts an immense charm in Central Highlands of Vietnam.
There are also many architectural highlights in this romantic city.

Architectural Structures in Dalat City

Compared with a 20th-century European architecture museum, Dalat city is popular with unique structures.

Domaine De Maria Church

Located in Mai Anh Hill, this church is sometimes called Mai Anh Church, and is 1 km away from the center of Dalat city. The 17th-century  European architectural style blending with Central Highlands’ architecture creates a truly unique structure.
The isosceles triangle roof and the cross on the top reflect profound influence of Western style while the whole architecture is modeled after the communal house with red tiles of Central Highlands of Vietnam. The bright color of walls, colorful flower gardens and antiquity of this church make people feel pleased and relaxed whenever they arrive it.

Pedagogical College of Dalat

This is the most famous college in Dalat City due to its architecture. It was recognized as one of a 1 000 unique structures of mankind in the 20th-century. The suite of classrooms is built in an arc shape with red bricks originating from Europe.
The highlight of Pedagogical college of Dalat is the antique steeple evoking famous designs of world-class universities like Harvard or Stanford. With open space and impressive design, this college is a favorite site of not only students but also travelers in all places.

King Palace 1

Surrounded by the pine tree forest, King Palace 1 has charming beauty with deep marks of French architecture. This palace is home to the last king of Nguyen dynasty in Vietnamese feudal period. Now it has been partly renovated to serve as a tourist attraction. Luxury furniture, elegant designs and royal beauty of King Palace 1 leave a strong impression on those who have visited this place.
I believe that people will feel like being taken back to the remote past of Vietnam history. Another attractive point is the harmonious combination between lovely natural scenery and man-made architectural masterpieces.


Thien Vien Truc Lam (Bamboo Forest Zen Monastery)

This is the biggest Zen Monastery in Lam Dong province, located on Phung Hoang mountain. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, tourists will have the chance to feel the pleasant atmosphere of the monastery. Quiet space and natural settings are ideal conditions for you to purify your soul and release all tension of the modern life. Immerse in the spiritual space and enjoy it, you will know the reason why many visitors want to return to this place.
Regardless of changes over time, Dalat city is always charming in its own way. This city’s attractiveness is so irresistible that people want to come here not just one time.
Along with the development of Vietnam, Dalat city has changed significantly to be one of the must-see destinations. Do not hesitate to prepare for a trip to Dalat and experience interesting things by yourself.