Archeology and White Beaches in Sardinia Italy

Archeology and White Beaches in Sardinia Italy

We say Sardinia and the first image waving to our mind is a white sandy beach. How could it be different if event those who already visited this Italian island don’t even realize it also has amazing archeological heritage.

Instead of spending all your time at those fantastic beaches, many don't look to go inland and discover the rest.

Fortunately, yet there is a place where archeology is directly … on the beach!

At Pula, in the South East and very close to Cagliari airport, swimmers can please themselves with Baia di Nora archeological site view.

Mysterious prehistoric blocks, Phoenician ruins and Roman temples are incredibly well preserved.


This site is particularly important since from the ninth century B.C., Nora became an important trading spot. Nora became one of the main ports in the Mediterranean sea because landing there was safe from wind and consequently, the city developed in a very populous center.

So a visit to the archaeological site is a journey through the variety of cultures that followed one another, and which enriched Nora over time through the Middle Ages.

In that time, Arab pirate assaults definitely turned Nora and its harbour into a ghost town. Today, Nora is once again a growing city, its villas resurfacing as the soil and vegetation that covered them are removed.

A tour to the site allows visitors to walk on paved roads up to the impressive roman amphitheater. Take a while to sit there and try to imagine the actors on the stage and the natural scenery of the sky and the sea behind. An emotion that you can experience even today, since the amphitheater is so well preserved that during the summertime many performances take place in it and more than a thousand people at a time are able to enjoy the shows.

Pula can be reached from Cagliari airport in less than one hour and it offers all levels accommodations.


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