Antigua, Guatemala: Spend the Night on an Active Volcano

Antigua, Guatemala: Spend the Night on an Active Volcano

Antigua, Guatemala is a beautiful town to wander, relax, and people-watch.

What many people don't know is that it is also a great place for some adventure.  From within town, you can watch plumes of smoke billowing from the top of El Volcan Fuego.


Why wouldn't you want to climb it?

Multiple tour companies offer a 1.5 day hike through a diverse landscape including farmland, cloud forest, high alpine forest, and finally the top of the volcano which seems like the surface of the moon.  Every hour you hike, you are rewarded with different and incredibly beautiful views. 


The Bonus:

You get to watch a stunning sunset from the top of the volcano, and you will have bragging rights that you slept on an active volcano.


Difficulty Level:

Intermediate.  You don't have to be a marathon runner, but you should be in shape.



  • Select a tour company that provides all the gear you need.  This will include tents, sleeping bag, warm clothes, food, and cooking tools.
  • Bring hiking boots.  It is possible to do the hike with tennis shoes, but the terrain is quite rugged, and you will be carrying a pack.
  • Bring filling snacks that will provide lots of energy.  Peanuts and Snickers bars are good.  Consider bringing a bag of beans (can be found in any grocery store for very cheap).  It may sound gross, but this is the perfect thing to keep you fueled when burning so many calories.
  • Bring extra camera batteries and memory cards.  You will be a photo-snapping fool on this hike.


Written and contributed by Stephanie Ockerman


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