Android SmartWatch Apps to Help You on Your Travels

Android SmartWatch Apps to Help You on Your Travels

For years I've been taking advantage of apps on my smartphone to help make travel less complicated and less stressful.

Whether it's translating questions into another language, finding out how to get to the airport or just getting insider tips on the city I'm in, apps are fun, time-saving and incredibly useful. 

Recently however I've been using my smartwatch more and more, leaving my phone in my pocket whenever I'm out and about. I love the ease of access, and - if I'm honest - the somewhat futuristic feeling of interacting with a touchscreen device on my wrist. 

So over the past couple of months I've been testing a few apps on my watch rather than my phone, and I've picked out a couple of the most useful for my travels: 


Apps That Accompany Me on My Travels

Android Pay

As both of my smartwatches are based on the Android operating system, the first thing I downloaded on both of them was Android Pay. It's worth noting that you will need NFC on your watch to be able to use it, but if you do it's incredibly useful to be able to make payments with your watch, and I have to admit I love the feeling of simply waving my wrist to pay for my morning coffee. 



It may be a fairly obvious (and somewhat lazy) choice, but I find myself using this whenever I'm traveling somewhere like the US or the UK. You can order an Uber directly from your wrist, keep track of where your ride is and even get a price and estimated time, all while leaving your phone in your pocket. A must-have if you're a regular taxi-hailer



Yes there's a TripAdvisor app for your smartphone, and it's incredibly handy as a reference. Whether you're looking for something to do, somewhere to eat or somewhere to stay, you can quickly and easily get recommendations and reviews from the comfort of your wrist. I've used this numerous times while traveling, and found some great places because of it. Sure you can do the same thing via your phone, but it feels great to do it via a watch, and the app is well designed and very intuitive to use. 


Google Keep

This is a seriously handy little app, as it allows you to make notes, lists and reminders, all by saying 'OK Google, take a note' and dictating what you want noted down. I use it all the time, helping me to remember flight and train information, hotel confirmations, dates, times, local places I want to visit, dates I'm supposed to meet people. The more I use it the more I like it. 



You might not think of this as a travel app, but trust me, it is. It's free on Android Wear, and it works beautifully via the watch. I spend hours listening to music via this app, which is great when you have a long flight, taxi ride or train journey ahead of you, or just for when you're wandering around a new city. I couldn't imagine traveling with out it anymore!