Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

A once-in-a-lifetime special day truly deserves an equally memorable spot in which to take place, and as every bride-to-be knows well, there’s no such thing as setting your expectations too high.

You want to experience that “if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a damn thing” feeling when you think back to your wedding day, knowing that that particular place played a pivotal role in creating that emotion.

Whether you’re dreaming of a beachy trail to a white-veiled huppa, or you have your heart set on some green meadow in Ireland (despite the potential rain), there are a few enchanting destinations around the globe that seem to have been dreamt up precisely for such an occasion.


Dream Destinations To Tie the Knot

Say “I do” in Tulum, Mexico

Known only to a handful of travel enthusiasts, unlike the majority of spots in Mexico, Tulum still maintains its timeless beauty of the coastal nature.

If you also want to imbue your ceremony with a genuine touch of Mayan culture, feel free to take a hint from Jessica Walsh who embarked on her marriage adventure precisely on the shores of Tulum. Think: turquoise, iridescent waters, palm groves and boutique hotels preserving the cultural essence of the indigenous people.

From custom-made wooden benches placed on the sandy beach with a backdrop of rushing waves, to deliciously prepared local food, Tulum is the epitome of enjoying the small things in life. With such stunning scenery, you’ll need no extravagant décor to give it a wedding vibe. The feelings of love, commitment and passion are already there, all you need is the right officiant!


Take the plunge in Folegandros, Greece

With so many absolutely gorgeous places in the country, it’s pretty difficult to choose a single location for a Big Fat Greek Wedding.

However, if you’re looking for a hidden escape, dramatic cliffs perched above the friendly waves of the Aegean Sea – look no further than the island called Folegandros, with three snow-white picturesque villages of cobbled streets, and to add to the magical feel of the place, there’s a 13th-century fortress, the Kastro on the highest point of the town of Hora.

Talk about a setting that keeps escaping the influences of time, and sits comfortably in the translucent embrace of one of the most beautiful seas on the planet.

For a truly off the beaten track experience, you can even set up your ceremony and invite your guests to stay in the minimalistic, but luxurious houses of Notos, in the western region of the island. One might even call this sacred Greek nook the best kept secret of the Mediterranean.


Drop Your Anchors in Hawaii

Although a popular destination for weddings and holidays alike, the many Hawaiian beaches haven’t lost an inkling of their charm, and still welcome many a happy couple to get hitched in this exotic destination. If you’re a US citizen, all the easier for you, because all you need is your ID and to cover a $60 fee to get married – it doesn’t get any easier or more stress-free than that!

The diverse scenery allows you to take your pick from getting married at the base of a volcano, a cliff with an ocean view, while many couples choose Hawaii-inspired cruises that celebrate your union with a traditional wedding song and the hula dance, performed by the local people. Vibrant and colorful in spirit and in nature, this is yet another chance for a laid-back, exotic wedding that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life with your spouse.


Walk down the Colorado Rockies Aisle

For a destination that likely inspired many a fairytale, Dunton Hot Springs in the Colorado Rockies is a nature-laden safe haven perfect for couples who dream about a rustic setting for their ceremony. The slightly more rugged twin-sibling of the beachy huppa is the wooden pergola found on the estate, and the entire resort is perfect for a small wedding of up to 60 guests.

The cascading hills on the horizon and the scenic forest surrounding the area will leave you in awe of this little-known spot. Not to mention that no matter the season you choose, the resort and its wooden cottages are no less scenic in either summer time in full bloom, or during winter, covered in snow, just perfect for a uniquely white wedding.