Alternative shopping spots in Berlin

 Alternative shopping spots in Berlin

It is well known that Berlin is an avant-garde city not only when it comes to fashion, but for art and clubbing, too.

You will see people dressed in all kinds of styles: Gothic, punk, emo, hipster and no one is regarded an odd creature, as it probably would happen in other countries.

Moreover, probably “thanks” to the banning of many bars, clubs, cabarets and restaurants for such a long era during and after the Nazi period, Berliners had gotten used to going “incognito” even after everything has been legalized again. Many of them remained underground or hidden places and the city kept this characteristic alive.

This is why I have prepared a route of alternative shopping, alternative eating and alternative dancing just in case you feel like daring to dress a little bit more extreme and abandon the Zara dress code once and for all, and stop going with the mass when travelling.


If you like vintage, second-hand and underground dressing, I propose you to start your shopping day at Colours. It’s like a big second hand store where you’ll probably find anything you’re looking for. It’s kind of hidden, but everybody knows of its existence. The best: The clothes are sold per kilo! (1st fl, rear Bergmannstrasse).

Also, in a poppy line more focussed to young hipsters, there’s this Jugendmode (or Fuck Fashion), where you will find from cool and funny T-shirts to Mexican masks. (Schönhauser Allee 72b).


After a long day of shopping you can start looking for you place to eat. Of course I wouldn’t take you to a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

There are some fancy places where you can eat in spots where you’d never say: Just look for the Cookies Cream, I’ll not tell you how to get there, but is quite graphically explained here:


Finally, before making your way towards bed for a good rest in one of the apartments in Berlin, I suggest you to let yourself drop by the Levee Club, this hipster and trendy club will keep you amused with indie music and the finest electro (but you’d better check their website before, just in case) until you are seized by sleep…


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