All You Need to Know About the Triund Trek in the Himalayas

All You Need to Know About the Triund Trek in the Himalayas

Since my childhood, mountains have held a special place in my heart. They are tranquil, soothing and healing.

No wonder I fell in love with the Himalayas when I first went to trek with my friends during my college years. Last month I once again made a visit to my favored trek in the Himalayas.

Its called the Triund Trek and one that I could take on any weekend that I feel exhausted from my daily chores and the din of the city. I live in Delhi which is a great base for trekking in the Himalayas...I mean the Indian Himalayas. There are several weekend treks that you could undertake from Delhi. I have done all of them and now I go back to them again and again to remember and to rejuvenate myself.

This was my third trek to Triund and being the latest, I thought I might share some practical information on how to trek to Triund and what to expect especially if you are planning your trek from New Delhi.

So here I go with it. Of course I will talk about how to make it as economical as under INR 2500 per person or less.


Starting Point

New Delhi ISBT (Kashmiri Gate) HRSTC Buses operate regularly from the bus terminus at Kashmiri Gate. The per person cost in a semi deluxe bus comes to INR 570. Catch a bus at around 8 in the evening which will drop you at Dharamsala at 6 in the morning.



Pre book your stay at the forest rest house at Triund Hill. The room costs INR 500 per night and can easily accomodate 3-4 person. Remember to collect the papers at Dharamsala office before you go or else you will be denied the room. The caretaker is named Baisakhi Ram. Also make sure to call at least 20 days in advance as there are only 6 rooms and they are always pre-booked.


Starting of Triund Trek

Depending on your stamina and desire you can begin your trek from either McLeodganj or the last motorhead that is Galu Temple. The auto rickshaw charges INR 200 whereas the taxi will cost INR 400 from Mcleodganj to Galu Temple.


From Galu

At Galu, you will be asked to register at a checkpost that marks the beginning of the final trail to Triund. Keep your ID ready for that. Only one person is required to provide the ID if you are traveling in a group.


The Trek

There are 4 food stalls, which you will come across. One is at the beginning that sells juices and snacks. Two are in the middle named Magic View and Best View Cafe offering Maggi and a whole lot of snacks and eatables and then there is another one a kilometer or two below Triund. The steepest trail is from the last cafe till you reach Triund.

Also remember that there is no water freely available so either carry ample water or buy them at these cafes. The water will cost you approx INR 40-50 rupees each liter.

The cost for a rice plate with dal (lentils) is INR 130, maggi is INR 40 and a cup of tea is INR 30.

The total time for the Triund Trek may vary from 3 hours to 6 hours depending upon your stamina.


At the Top

Triund is a spectacular ridge with panoramic views of both McLeodganj and Dharamsala. You will find several tents pitched and a few cafes along with the forest guest houses that are snuggled at the top.

Spend the night here if it is already evening or if you have the strength and daylight left, go ahead and trek further to the snow line. From there you could see the snowcapped peaks of Dauladhar and that is also the route to the famed Indrahaar Pass Trek.

The return journey is the same as there is only one trail that leads back to Galu Temple.