All about food in Klang - Bak kut teh

All about food in Klang - Bak kut teh

Klang is the original home of bak kut teh ("pork rib tea"), the Hokkien-style dish of pork ribs cooked in a strong, dark herbal stock, served with tea on the side. This is considered a breakfast dish here and family get-togethers on Sundays for bak kut teh are particularly popular. There are many famous shops in Klang, and if you ask two locals for the best you'll probably get three answers, but here's a sampling.

- The Old Stall, Jalan Stesen Satu (west end of street next to the parking lot). This shop needs no signboard nor menu, and in fact people can't even agree on its name, but this doesn't stop it from packing in the crowds — piles of pork bones spill out into the adjacent parking lot! This has a respectable claim to being Klang's oldest bak kut teh shop and their dark broth is smooth, strong and supremely tasty. Open only from 5 AM to 11 AM daily, so get there early. RM5/7 for a small/large bowl, 50 sen for rice, RM2 for a pot of tea, and there's nothing else on the menu, so feel free to bring your own side dishes.

- Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh, Jalan Sultan (half under the bridge). Another very popular option which has now been franchised, but this is the original. The menu is a bit larger and the ambience is fractionally more upscale than the nearby Old Stall, but prices are actually a little cheaper - RM15 for two. Tip: order your bak kut teh without the pig intestines if you consider pig intestines disgusting as pig intestines are not canon bak kut teh.However, they are actually quite delicious.

- Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh, Taman Rasnah (Next to the flyover just right after the Batu Tiga tollgate). Near Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja, behind Menara Trend office tower. Corner lot. It shifted to this location from its original place at the village of Teluk Pulai.

- Yeoh's Bak Kut Teh, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama (off the main KL-Klang highway), tel. +60-3-33417551, ( Better known by locals as the "Hokkien Association" building (Bangunan Persatuan Hokkien).

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