Africa’s Soul-Scapes: Vast Panoramic Backdrops

Africa’s Soul-Scapes: Vast Panoramic Backdrops

Africa is one continent that holds its own when it comes to vast panoramic backdrops -  these scenic vistas are perfect locations for anyone on a soul searching mission.

From the awe inspiring views spied over the Great Rift Valley to the gigantic 100 mile ravine running through the Fish River Canyon - it’s hard not to fall under the spell of life-changing Africa.


The Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world (second to the Grand Canyon); this breathtaking site stretches over an area of 5,900 sq-kms. Whether you see the river in full flood in the late summer or when it dries out to form a chain of long narrow pools, this geological wonder will not disappoint.

Lake Elementaita is nestled between the lakes of Nakuru and Naivasha. One of Kenya’s hidden gems and off the main tourist trail, Lake Elementaita is home to a wealth of birdlife including Great White Pelicans, and in season, huge flocks of flamingos. Still relatively undiscovered, the lake’s dreamy pink fringe is all the more capitivating when you are one of fewer dots on the horizon.

The Great Rift Valley stretches all the way from the Red Sea to Madagascar, this enormous cleft on the earth’s surface lying at its deepest just north of Nairobi. Have your camera at the ready and prepare to be mesemrised by this awesome sight.

In the spring, South Africa’s Northern Cape province transforms in a sea of colour, the usual dry, dusty terrain carpeted in wildflowers. The Namaqua National Park is located within a biodiversity hotspot where you’ll find largest concentration of succulent plants on the planet - a thousand of its 3,500 plant species found nowhere else on earth. The entire landscape blooms after the winter rains, the park covering a vast area of 700-sq kms.