Adventurous Honeymoon Activities for Daring Newly-Weds

Adventurous Honeymoon Activities for Daring Newly-Weds

Are you looking for a little more adventurous activities on your honeymoon rather than just laying in the sun? Well there's nothing wrong with that!

Research says that couples who do new and adventurous activities together bond deeper.

Here's a few adventure activities that you and your partner can add to your honeymoon planning.

Honeymoon Adventure Activities

Tandem Kayaking

Kayaking can be enjoyed anywhere where there is water, but it doesn't have to be a run-of-the-mill experience. If you are seeking more of a thrilling honeymoon, skip the guide and paddle to a quiet beach or up a river branch for extra thrills and retreat. The open water and calmness is magical.


Environmental Volunteering

If you are environmental volunteers, you can indulge in a conservation project and get the do-good feeling on your honeymoon. Immerse yourself in nature and make your honeymoon a lifetime memory, while doing some good at the same time.


Scuba Diving

Coral gardens, elegant manta rays, moving sea turtles, and maybe even a shark are the beauties you may get to explore underwater. What is more pleasing to the senses than breathing in air and dipping yourself in the deep-water? The built-in boat tour makes this water activity more than a hit.


Microlight Flights

Do you wish to get an overall view of your honeymoon location? Go for a microlight flight! Sitting on an open aircraft looking down below is the best way to survey your surroundings. Newly-weds love to see their romantic honeymoon destination from up above.


Deep-Water Solo Climbing

Have you ever gone rock-climbing? Go and indulge in its advanced version -- deep-water solo climbing. Here, instead of touching the ground after each climb you dive into the ocean like a swan. Deep-water solo climbing is the most spectacular, beautiful and sexy way to climb.


Couple Canyon Swing

If you are a couple looking for a deeper adrenaline rush, a couple canyon swing is just the right activity for you. What else can be more romantic than being tied together in a bear hug and hanging over a deep gorge? The thrill does not end here. Once you are strapped together you experience a free fall until the rope holds you and you dangle like a pendulum.