Adventure Activities that are Worth Making Time For

Adventure Activities that are Worth Making Time For

When you're vacationing it's important consciously strive to create experiences that will result in life-long memories.  This is of course, especially true when you're young. 

Even more important for families and working age folks, participating in adventurous activities increases the sense of team and comradery, and can help stength familial ties and friendships.

So when you're considering adventurous activities that are worth sparing time for, here are some to consider.



While William Tell shot the apple off his son's head, the experience of archery in a modern setting can still be thrilling. Calm your nerves, set your sights, and hit the target dead center to make your mark and then compare amongst the others in the field.


Tree Climbing:

Tree climbing may have been a fun activity when you were a child, but have you ever even considered scaling trees in your adult life? Probably only in passing, if ever.  Imagine viewing the world from high up with the added security of being secured in place by a tie line? This is one more adventure that you can still enjoy and get a supreme amount of thrill from.


Zip Lining:

Why is zip lining all the rage? Well, if you've never done it before then it's impossible to share the thrill of the experience. Imagine being high up in the air and having only this hook and the air to buffer you. This is the intense thrill of being on a zip line. It's almost as though you're a bird flying through the air or an airplane without the steel, seats, and stewardesses. Zip lining is one of those activities that requires nerves of steel and will be a memory you won't soon forget.


Hunter Games:

Are you a hunter yourself? Have you ever imagined joining the military even if you've never tried on any sort of military garb? Then something like the Hunter Games would be an amazing sport for you. Uniform is donned, laser tag guns are issued, teams are divvied up, and you are all escorted out into the wilderness in military grade jeeps. Then the real combat begins. It's basically a game of outdoor, military style laser tag and the winning team gets all of the bragging rights. Of course the true experience is just sharing the memory of being out in the field of combat. When you've done it once you'll likely feel an inkling to get back out in the wilderness to repeat or eclipse your last best effort.


Bubble Football:

Something that may be a little bit less extreme, but still fun, is bubble football. You and your team are basically out on a football field, inside an air-contained bubble! You play the game but have the added fun of being enveloped in bubbles and knocking over your friends and opposing teams!


Now that you've seen the value of having these adventures, you have to get to the task of making them happen! Enjoy your free time and create memories that will last a lifetime with experiences that push you beyond your best self!


Travel tips shared by Jenny Patel


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