An Absolutely Gorgeous Hike in a Game of Thrones Filming Location

An Absolutely Gorgeous Hike in a Game of Thrones Filming Location

On a clear day when walking along the cliffs at Murlough Bay in Northern Ireland, one can see all the way to Scotland! 

Located in North East County Antrim, the bay also offers views across the sea to Rathlin Island and the Mull of Kintyre. Mainly populated by farmers, the area is more or less devoid of housing and development and has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. The very paths you walk along here were used by Monks and common folk centuries ago. 

In Game of Thrones, this is Iron Islands in Season 3 where Theon Greyjoy rides on the horse with his sister Yara, and where Davos Seaworth is shipwrecked after the battle of Blackwater Bay. 

Even though in those scenes it's a cloudy and misty place, on a nice summer day it's incredibly blue and green, perfect for walking around and taking in the impossibly beautiful views. This is most definitely a highlight along the coastal route in Northern Ireland and a must-see. Walk both along the cliffs and along the seaside for an afternoon of unforgettable views. 

It is best accessed by car or private Game of Thrones tour, which can be organized by Tourism Ireland.

Insider's tip: ask for Philip with McComb's Travel as your guide. He's the driver for much of the cast and crew during filming months and is a wealth of knowledge of the show and special anecdotes and tidbits that nobody else knows!


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