Abou el Sid - Excellent Egyptian Cuisine

Abou el Sid - Excellent Egyptian Cuisine

Usually Egypt is not one of those places you visit for its cuisine.

Yet, while being here, you can definitely have an exquisite gastronomic experience.

Located off 26th July Street, in the elegant Zamalek neighborhood, Abou el Sid is one of the best restaurants in town serving traditional Egyptian food.

The place is nicely decorated, making you feel in a traditional Middle Eastern home, with a chilled-out yet warm atmosphere.

Together with some famous Egyptian classical music in the background, like Om Khalthoum, this is not only a fine place to dine, but also a nightspot for a laid-back drink or two.

The generous menu offers a wide variety of authentic Egyptian dishes.

Besides the wide assortment of appetizers and mains, the Molokheya with rabbit is by far one of the most delicious, being also the most distinctive in the Egyptian cuisine, a definitive must-have. If your just in it for a drink, a long list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails is available, as well as spirits, wine and beer.

Being a favorite of locals and foreigners, this venue will surely hit your spot.


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