9 Mobile Applications That Will Make Your Trip Easier

9 Mobile Applications That Will Make Your Trip Easier

It’s true that every travel is and should be a big adventure and embark in the unknown. The best part about it is usually discovering unexpected things along the way.

But there are some unpleasant surprises that happen as a result of unfortunate circumstances or being unprepared. When you are in a country that you don’t know, especially if you aren’t familiar with the language, it is best to have someone or something to turn to.

Luckily, we live in a time when we are carrying “our little helpers” in our pockets and they can prove their worth in more than one occasion. So what are those “life-savior” apps we should have with us when far away from home?


XE Currency

Let’s start with the money. Money can often be an issue when traveling, especially in countries where people are trying to manipulate tourists to pay more than they should or charge them for different exchange rates. If you have this little app, that won’t happen. It’s completely accurate because it uses live currency rates. Best of all: XE Currency is free.

Find more about XE Currency Exchange Rates.



Still talking about money. Though tipping might seem as just a trifle, it can cause some discomforts when you are not familiar with local customs. Somewhere you should give 10 percent of your bill and on other places it is offense to give a tip. Tipulator takes into equation your bill and the country you are in and tells you just how generous you should be.

Find more about Tipulator Tip Calculator.



Don’t you just hate collecting papers and accounts when on business trip so that you could justify your expenses? Trippeo is doing that for you. It is an expense management and tracking software and can also be used for booking flights and hotel rooms, and it’s doing it by comparing available flights and rooms with your calendar.

Find more about Trippeo expense tracking app.



The most accurate software when it comes to wheather forecast for all around the world. It takes everything into equation, from atmospheric pressure to humidity and gives you precise weather information. So, if WeatherPro sais you should bring an umbrella, trust me, bring the umbrella.

Find more about WeatherPro forecast application.



My overly-paranoid friend’s favorite app and I can’t deny the usefulness of it. TravelSafe is a database of emergency service numbers for almost every country. It is a life-saving free app, but there is also pro version which includes some additional services, such as embassy details.

Find more about TravelSafe emergency app.


Packing Pro

The most nerve-wracking part of preparing for the travel has finally found its match. Packing Pro decides for you what you might need on the journey from essentials such as personal documents, to clothes, gadgets, etc. It does that based on the information where are you going, how long are you staying, etc. There is a similar free app for Android, Packing list.

Find more about Packing Pro personal packing assistant.


Word Lens

Not knowing the language of the country you’re in it can be troublesome. Word Lens is an app that provides real time translations on your mobile phone by just pointing your camera at a piece of text. And just when you think it can’t be better, it doesn’t even require internet connection.

Find more about Word Lens Translator.



This app is helping you find things nearby, such as museums, parks, monuments and places to eat and shop, too. And it can be helpful in different ways. For instance, my friend and I found WiFi passwords in coffee shops by reading users’ comments.

Find more about Foursquare city guide.



Some fun for the end. The perfect app for a slightly nostalgic person, such as myself. Touchnote gives as the feel similar to old-fashion postcards, by helping you create and send physical cards with your own travel snaps and text. Submit your favorite photo and destination address and it will be sent off.

Find more about Touchnote postcards & greeting cards app.


All packed up? Ready to hit the road? Don’t forget to be well equipped with apps so that you can enjoy your trip to the max. Bon voyage!


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