8 Useful Apps for Travelers

8 Useful Apps for Travelers

Traveling is becoming more popular these days.

Its planning and implementation became easier thanks to smartphone apps. Dictionaries, guides, maps, and other programs make it easy to explore different countries. It's really wonderful, there is no need to bring tons of books and dictionaries, maps, and brochures with you.

It's enough to have a smartphone and a charger in your pocket.


Here are Some Very Useful Applications for Tourists:


Not only restaurants and cafes are gathered in this application, but also nearby shops, banks, and hospitals. By entering your geo-location data, you can pave the way to the place you are interested in. Every object has a description with a list of services and proposed treatments and prices.There are comments from visitors. The app is free.



Here you will find numerous maps of big cities and small villages from any corner of the globe. Maps are regularly updated. As an additional bonus, there is a possibility to book hotels and order city tours. Installation is free.


WiFi Finder

A program that will facilitate the search for wireless Internet hotspots that are open or passwords are known to the app users. This application has about 600,000 Internet access points in more than 150 countries around the world. App scans for hotspots based on your geo-location, indicates the specific place of connection to the network (cafe, shop, bank, etc.) and provides a password for the particular place you select. The download is free.


Google Trips

A new tourist application that scans your Gmail mailbox in search of hotel information and airline tickets. It also offers useful tips about fun and interesting places.



Trivago allows searching and booking hotels by using more than 200 websites. It includes about 1 million hotels worldwide. You specify the necessary requirements, the price you are willing to pay, and the program will select all possible options next to you. Available for free.



This application has a large database of public toilets to help in delicate moments. You can also rate the services received.



A program to track traffic jams and other road issues. The application works with road maps and services. It helps to find out where there is an accident or other problem at the moment. Additional bonuses include information on gas stations discounts and police stations addresses. Installation is free.



This is a great cloud service for storing offline copies of web pages. Saving pages for further reading is very convenient when visiting places with low Internet coverage. Pocket allows you to send pages to the app with one click. In addition, you can send a link to a specific email address and it will be stored in the Pocket.


When installing applications, don’t forget about security. Plenty of malicious apps appeared recently. Most of them mask as being useful apps. Install applications only from the Apple Store. Create only strong passwords for your Apple ID.