8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sofia (for Women)

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sofia (for Women)

1.  Sofia is Europe’s most affordable capital.

Sofia is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe. The local currency is Lev and 2 levs equals 1 euro. The prices generally are half of what will cost you accommodation and meal in Western Europe. There are many ways to enjoy the city free of charge. 


2. Sofia is one of Europe’s most compact and walkable capital cities. 


3. Sofia is one of the Europe’s oldest cities.

The National Historical Museum is one of the Eastern Europe’s most comprehensive. The history of Sofia can be traced up to 7 millennia backwards.  Traces from the different cultures which had their important role on the city’s development can be seen in different places including in the lobby bar of  Hotel Arena di Serdica (www).


4.  It’s easily accessible.

There are flights from all European capitals. The cheapest and most frequent flights are from London. Some of the few low-cost air companies that offer flights to Sofia are WizzAir, EasyJet and Air Berlin.  


5.  Sofia is green city and is situated in close vicinity to mountain.

The city is situated in the foot of Vitosha Mountain and locals are using every opportunity for trekking and spending free time outdoors.


6.  Sofia has vibrant public life.

During good seasons the parks are full of people, at the evenings the cafes and restaurants are crowded with the young local and foreign customers. The mixture of low prices and services with European standard attracts many visitors from the surrounding countries. Walking along the pedestrian part of Vitosha boulevard one can hear many different languages.


7.  Sofia has interesting night life.

One can chose from: Chalgoteka where the music is typical for the region oriental/pop; Jazz Clubs; House clubs; Horoteka where you can watch and learn Bulgarian folk dances; Salsa party clubs; various piano bars; wine bars; and more.


8.  Good value for money shopping.

Variety of well-known world brands and locally produced quality goods are on offer here. You will appreciate also the hand-made one-of-a-kind jewelry and bags in the small shops on Shishman Street. There are local clothing brands such as Dika that offer style on reasonable prices.


Travel tip shared by Geri Savana