8 highlights, sights and things to do at Khao Lak, Thailand

8 highlights, sights and things to do at Khao Lak, Thailand

- Police Boat 813 - one of two police boats overseeing the vacation of Khun Phum Jensen, son of former Royal Princess Ubol Ratana (his father was an American, hence the last name) at the time of the 2004 tsunami. Khun Phum was jet-skiing when the wave struck. He and the entire crew of one of the police boats (which was sunk) died. This is the other boat, which was swept inland and has been left exactly where the tsunami deposited it as a memorial and historical landmark.

- Chong Fah Waterfall - about 10 minutes east of Bang Niang - great for hot days, very scenic and accessible to all.

- Takuapa & Old Town. At Takuapa Old Town you will find Sino-Portuguese architecture and have the chance to wander around the quaint shops (best in the early morning), about 45 minutes drive from Khao Lak. Takuapa Market and River Plaza are in the new town, slightly closer to Khao Lak (near the bus station). This is a typical local market and the Plaza has some good shops and a few riverside restaurants.

- Lampi Waterfall. About 30 minutes south of Khao Lak just off highway 4. A very nice waterfall, best viewed in the early morning as the sun rises from behind the mountains and the rays shine through the mist. The falls are only a short walk from the car park, making access easy for all.

- Khao Sok National Park. A visit to Khao Sok National Park will allow activities including jungle trekking on foot or elephant, visiting waterfalls & river rafting/canoeing. Around one hour drive north east from Khao Lak. A good day out, although accommodation is available for extended visits, which I would recommend (at least 3 days).

- Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park. Nice walks and a restaurant (not open in the evening). Between Nang Thong and Khao Lak beaches.

- Cheow Lan Lake and Rachaphrapha Dam. Just two hours north of Khao Lak off highway 401. Superb views over the lake to the limestone ridges. Boat trips are available to rafts (for overnight accommodation you will need to pre book at Khao Sok National Park HQ or book the trip via a tour agency).

- Diving - with the Similan Islands (home to some of the best diving in Asia) just offshore, this is one of the main attractions in the area. There are also several local dive sites to choose from.

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