7 Travel Tips For Long Haul Flights

7 Travel Tips For Long Haul Flights

Long trips may be an exciting venture for first timers but boring for people having to travel city to city for business.

It’s very important that you plan for a long flight if you do not want to have a horrible time on the plane. The flight attendants will, of course, try their best to keep you comfy, but this only works for a while.

Here are a few tips that will make your trip a little bit more bearable if not entirely comfortable.


Your 7 travel tips for long haul flights:

Mind What You Eat

The kind of food you pick on the plane will determine how you feel through the trip. It is scientifically proven that insulin helps reduce jet lag which is a good thing. This means that carbs such as spaghetti and whole grain bread should be the food of choice.

It is also wise that you pick meals that do not affect you negatively. You do not want to spend most of your trip pacing between the washrooms and your seat.

One of the most convenient ways to handle this is by packing snacks. Snacks will ensure that you have something to eat even when you do not like what is on the plane. You will also have something to snack on until the next meal is served. Kids may also get hungry and fussy, and snacks are a great way to settle them down.


Do Not Overeat

It is proven that food takes longer to digest while in the air. This means that you should only eat a little food, or just enough to get by while on the trip. Most professionals advise that you eat before boarding and carry snacks to have all through the trip. Eating warm foods on the plane makes it easier to digest as opposed to colder meals.

It is also wise to note that people with special requests when it comes to food get served first. This includes vegetarians and those that prefer gluten free food. You can take a look at some of the special meals on the menus if you would like to be served first for a quick nap. Those that take the regular food on the menu have to endure the full service before getting some sleep.


Hydrate Regularly

Flying will dehydrate you according to experts. There is no measure as to how much water you need to take, but this will help keep you hydrated all through the trip. This will also limit the amount of food you eat onboard reducing the chances of indigestion.

Ensure that you do not take coffee as this will not only dehydrate you but keep you awake all through the trip. Coffee will also make you irritable and cranky through the whole trip.

Green tea is an ideal and great option for those that want to have hot drinks. It also helps reduce the effects of jetlag.

Alcohol will also dehydrate you further and keep you alert for the first few hours of the flight. It will also amplify jetlag.


Watch What You Wear

Long flights can be uncomfortable due to sitting for long hours. It is wise that you take the time to pick your dress code well before the flight.

Women will do well with leggings and a loose sweater for the trip.

Men will also be comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt.

Working with layers of clothes will also be ideal. The temperatures are drastic, and so layers will help you stay warm or cool when need be. A scarf, sweater, or sweatshirt will be ideal. A scarf will act as lumber support when you need to sleep or extra cover when it gets a little chilly.


Carry Noise Canceling Head Phones

The plane is not exactly the quietest place on earth. The noise can be a bit stressful right from crying babies, the rumbling of the plane and chatter.

Noise-canceling headphones will ensure that you have peace and quiet all through the trip providing better rest for you. Noise will keep you awake and irritated all through the flight. Some meditation sounds and music may help you rest better all through the trip.

This can be accentuated by an eye mask to block off the light. Your normal rhythm may call for darkness for you to get some sleep and so cabin lights will only make it harder for you to sleep. An eye mask will block off the light allowing you to get better rest all though.


Carry Your Entertainment

This is an excellent time to catch up on some of your favorite shows through the trip. Ensure that you charge all your devices and backups optimally so that they will last all through the journey.


Bring the Attendants Chocolate

This works if you want to a favorite among the attendants. The flight attendants spend countless hours airborne, and so a little kindness goes a long way for some extra favors and attention all through the flight.