7 Tips to Make Hiking with Your Kids More Fun

7 Tips to Make Hiking with Your Kids More Fun

Some of the best things about RV-ing is exploring the unknown places, relaxing in nature’s lap, and enjoying the freedom that the lifestyle offers.

For many, hiking is a preferred way of finding out what a place has in store; plus, one can never underestimate the immense health benefits that this simple activity provides to adults and kids alike.

Even if you are traveling in your super-powerful diesel RV, there are places that are only accessible by foot. Whether it’s a smooth paved trail or a steep and rock-strewn backcountry hiking, there is something exciting for every member of your family, even your little ones.


Here are seven tips to make hiking with your children more fun and enjoyable:

1. Keep things simple

Choose a hiking destination that is not too tiring or exhausting for your children. Walking the trails is all about enjoying the experience and not just focusing on reaching the destination. You can pick hiking trails that feature a stream, a lake, or a waterfall – anything that will make your little ones fall in love with the place so that they can they can have fun. If your kid loves to walk on a pebbly stream or wet her hands and feet in the water, the experience counts.


2. Pack all essentials

When you are hiking with your kids, pack all essential items such as tissues or wet wipes, magnifying glass, binoculars, medicines, first aid kit, insect repellents, lip balm, a good camera, and field guides to point interesting things to your children. Make sure you also pack safety whistles for every child and tell them why these whistles are important and when your kid must use them.


3. Dress right

Ensure that you carry enough clothes to protect your kids from the chilly winds while they are hiking the trails. Do not forget waterproof clothing to stay safe if it rains. Remember to pack some extra clothes and leave them in your RV. Your kids will need these when they return from hiking. Your children may be wet or their clothes covered in mud if they were trailing near water.


4. Wear proper hiking shoes

Check whether your kids are wearing the right shoes. Always consider the hiking terrain to decide if they should wear hiking boots or if a pair of sandals would be enough. For instance, if your little ones are hiking near a lake, ensure that they wear sturdy shoes. Durable hiking shoes are the best if they are on a long trail or hiking near a muddy terrain.


5. Carry healthy snacks and water bottles

Pack healthy and tasty snacks such as protein bars, fresh fruits, nuts, and trail mix. And yes, do not forget to pack drinking water even if your kids are going for short hikes. A few water bottles in their backpack will keep your child hydrated. 


6. Take frequent energy breaks

Plan for frequent energy breaks to keep your kids energized and motivated. Stop on the trail for food and beverage breaks. You can choose a spot such as a footbridge where your children can have their fill of snacks to keep hunger at bay.


7. Make hiking fun

Make the hiking experience more fun by keeping your kids happy. Think of interesting things that you and your child can play together while on the trails. Ask them to spot animals and birds.  Your kids will be excited to find bird holes in trees, chasing butterflies, or counting colorful wildflowers.


Drive your diesel RV to some exciting hiking destinations, and motivate your kids to enjoy the great outdoors.

With children spending a lot of their time indoors playing computer games, a weekend hiking trip is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature and appreciate the beauty all around.