7 Things a Top Business Hotel Must Offer

7 Things a Top Business Hotel Must Offer

As a business traveler, it’s safe to say that you have a few interesting tips for making the most of your trip.

Selecting a hotel is one of the most important decisions you will make when traveling for business. With the right choice, you’ll feel good about your time away from home. The wrong choice, however, has a way of turning your trip into a nightmare – and that’s not what you want.

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for hotels in a major metropolitan like Hanoi or accommodations in a smaller city like Surrey, you must focus on the right details when making a final decision.


Here are seven things a top business hotel must offer

1. Business Center

In today’s day and age, this may not seem like that big of a deal. After all, you have your own smartphone, tablet, and computer. Even so, a hotel with a business center is one that can save the day in many ways.

For example, the best business centers have multiple computers with printer access. Along with this, they also offer fax services (yes, people still use fax machines).

Tip: find a hotel with free access to all features of the business center.


2. Comfort

Let’s face it: it’s not often that you find a hotel room that is more comfortable than your home. Even so, that doesn’t mean you should learn to live with uncomfortable accommodations that will have you dreaming of the day when you finally check out.

Ask ahead about the type of mattress used in the hotel. Discuss other features of the room that lend to a greater level of comfort. Read online reviews from other travelers.

You don’t want to forgo comfort just to save a few dollars. If you do, you’ll soon find yourself regretting the decision.


3. A Place to Exercise

It’s never easy to stick with your workout routine when traveling for business. Even so, you know that this is something you need to do in order to feel your best (both mentally and physically).

The best business hotels have exercise rooms with all the equipment you could ever need. Along with this, some may have a swimming pool that provides an additional opportunity to get in a workout.

Tip: if the hotel doesn’t have a place to exercise, ask the front desk if they can provide guidance on the best gyms in the area.


4. A Place to Eat

Do you really want to leave your hotel every time you need to grab a bite to eat? While some people don’t mind doing this, especially if they have clients or prospects to entertain, others realize that it can be a pain.

Fortunately, the best business hotels have at least one dining option. For those who don’t want to leave their room to eat, seek out the hotels with the best room service.

Tip: learn more about on-site dining options before you book a room. This will help avoid an unpleasant surprise upon arrival.


5. Good Location

This means something different to everyone. For example, you may be most interested in airport hotels while another traveler would rather stay in the downtown area.

Your goal is simple: find a hotel with a location that suits your travel needs. If you know you’ll be regularly traveling into the city, find a hotel there. If you won’t be traveling far from the airport, you may fall in love with the convenience of an airport hotel.

Just the same as buying a home, location is extremely important when choosing a business hotel.


6. Fast Internet

Simply put, there is no excuse for slow internet in today’s day and age. If you don’t have access to fast internet at your hotel, you’ll soon find yourself searching for a better network in nearby locations.

In addition to speed, focus your search on business hotels that provide free wireless internet service. This isn’t always available, but if it is you definitely want to take advantage. Why pay for internet access when you’re already paying a price to stay at the hotel?


7. Shuttle Service

Just the same as location, this is more important to some travelers than others.

For example, if you won’t be renting a car, you’ll want to choose a hotel that offers a shuttle service. Even if you have to pay for this, you’ll probably save money in the long run.

Tip: ask the hotel for more information on its shuttle service before booking. Is it available 24 hours a day, seven days a week? How do you schedule a pickup from the airport?


The Internet is Your Best Friend

You will never run into a shortage of options when booking a business hotel. Instead, even if you’re visiting a smaller city, you’ll have many hotels to choose from.

The internet can be your best friend when researching business hotels. Go online to:

  • View photos and read reviews
  • Determine the exact location of a hotel
  • Search for the lowest price
  • Better understand the features of the hotel

Best yet, when you use the internet, you don’t have to waste time calling one hotel after the next. Instead, all the information you need is laid out for you.

Every business traveler has their own way of finding and booking a hotel. If you’ve run into past issues, change your approach in the future to ensure a better experience the next time around.

To improve your chance of choosing the right business hotel, always remember the seven details discussed above. With these in mind, you’ll find it easier to get exactly what you want.

Do you have any other tips to share? What strategy do you follow when booking a business hotel?