7 Terrific Getaway Ideas to Spend Your Family Vacation

7 Terrific Getaway Ideas to Spend Your Family Vacation

When planning for a family vacation, we usually think of going to granny’s place, having a sip of granny’s hot chocolate, and eating home-cooked meals.

But if you want to give granny some rest on your next vacation and are looking for a different, yet surreal experience, you have come to the right place.

Depending on the type of adventure your family is craving for, here is a list of exciting getaway ideas your family can surely enjoy.


Explore the Outdoors and Go Camping

Instead of just staying inside your house, why not try visiting or spending your vacation outdoors? With your family, go out for a picnic or camping. There are so many camping sites where you can have your outdoor vacation with your family. 

You can visit Hocking Hills State Park for different recreational activities, Yosemite National Park if you wish to have some walk and long biking rails and so many others.  There are some that are close to nature where you can enjoy and have a breath of fresh air. Also, seeing a picturesque view of nature will help you have a relaxation especially that you are with your whole family.


Drive at the Interstate for a Road Trip

Come on! Grab your car keys and take your family along for a long road trip. This has been one of the most popular ways of spending a sudden vacation with the family. Road tripping is emerging as a growing hobby of Americans because of its adventurous and exciting way of spending a vacation.

One of the most iconic highways for road trippers is Route 66, a.k.a. Will Rogers Highway. Constructed primarily for cross-country travel, it was opened for motorists in November 11, 1926 and road signs in-place the next year. It became the most famous highway because it ran from Chicago, Illinois, passing through Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma, Arizona and California and ends at Los Angeles – a total coverage of 2,448 miles.

But before you go on with your road trip plan, be sure you have sufficient cash in your wallet and check your car if it’s in good condition and if it has enough supply of gas. Better be safe before you go on with your trip.


Go on a Safari

Are you the type who wants an adventurous and exciting vacation? Then why not go on a safari with your whole family. Safaris give you a chance to learn more about the wild animals. It will also teach the kids more about these wild animals that are not commonly discussed in their classrooms.

Visiting the African Safari will also let you have a once in a lifetime chance of experiencing and living like the people who are surrounded by wild animals all their life. Some of the popular African Safaris that you can visit are Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya that offers cultural tours; and Kruger National Park in South Africa which is known to have the most variety of wildlife in the whole Africa just to name a few. So pack your bags and fly now to Africa for your awesome and wild trip!


Board a Cruise Ship

Try going on a cruise with your family. Forget about all your worries at home; go on board a cruise ship. You can choose any of the available destinations, it’s either you go Caribbean which will let you visit different places in the Latin America and enjoy some authentic Spanish food and Latin music, or you may try the Alaskan cruise wherein you and your family can experience what the Bering Sea can offer. You might want to have your jackets and boots in your luggage to keep you warm.

Cruise ships offer  an enjoyable time because they have different amenities and recreational activities available for the whole family like swimming pools, skating rinks for the kids, wall climbing, basketball courts and even theaters where you can watch musicals and theatrical presentations.


Hit the Sand and the Beach

The beach is definitely the first place that comes to our mind when we are talking about vacations, right? It is because we can do so many things at the beach with our family that we can’t do often. Going to the beach is best during summer because you can enjoy a swim under the bright sun.

Hawaii and Guam offer so many beautiful beaches in America that are also known to be the most visited places in the world. But if you wish to go international and experience a different adventure, there are so many places to visit. You can visit the famous beach in the Philippines, Boracay, because of its fine white sand beaches. It also has clear blue waters that visitors enjoy. Another good destination is Bali, Indonesia which also has beautiful sceneries and beaches. Other beaches that you can visit are Cancun in Mexico and Phuket in Thailand.

Snorkeling, banana boat ride, scuba diving and fishing are some of the activities you can do with your family at the beach.


Check out the Museums and Historical Sites

If you want to do something more educational, you can visit different museums and historical sites near your area. Some of you might think that this is a bit boring but you are wrong.

Try visiting the Smithsonian National and Airspace Museum in Washington D.C.  You will eventually unleash the kid inside you when you see all the constellations and different displays of spaceships and other things about space exploration. The kids will surely have the best time inside the museum. You can actually experience how an astronaut feels in outer space.


Hit the Alps and Go Skiing

There are families that love the white sands of the beaches. Then, there are families that go for “snowy” adventures. You can visit Aspen, Colorado for some skiing adventures. You can test your skiing skills again and learn new tricks from skiing instructors in the area.

Another popular destination for skiing is the Swiss Alps for it has great slopes where you can showcase your skiing talents while enjoying the majestic view of white capped mountains.


Travel tip shared by Geraldine Mills