The 7 Sins of Las Vegas

The 7 Sins of Las Vegas

With all its twinkling lights and celebrated excesses, Las Vegas is certainly one of those cities that you have to see once in your life. To say it’s brash, opulent and fun is an understatement.

There’s nowhere else like it, really.

Where else in the world can you enjoy a ride in a Venetian gondola, pass by the Eiffel Tower, get a taste of the New York skyline, come nose to nose with the Egyptian Sphinx, get a feel of the Medieval era, wander through ancient Roman temples, and walk through a lush tropical forest, all in one day?

Made famous for its gambling and other guilty pleasures, Las Vegas is often referred to as Sin City. 


So let’s reveal the 7 deadly sins of this bustling city…

1. Greed: casinos and gambling

2. Gluttony: unlimited food and alcohol

3. Laziness: spa, sunbathing and pool

4. Pride: megalomaniac hotels and flamboyant entertainment shows

5. Wrath: endless walk and painful blisters

6. Lust: showgirls, strip bars and drive-thru wedding chapels

7. Envy: shopping, shopping, shopping


Written and Contributed by Ozawapi