7 Must Visit Places in Perth

7 Must Visit Places in Perth

Arguably the sunniest state capital in Australia, Perth enjoys a reputation for having some of the cleanest, most beautiful, and least crowded beaches of any major city in the country.

For this reason alone, any plans to spend your next holiday in Perth will want to include a visit to one or more of the local beaches.

Here are a few top places to consider adding to your Perth travel plans:


Cottesloe Beach

Popular with runners, swimmers, and boogie boarders, Cottesloe is a great way for families to enjoy a day out at the beach. You'll be able to find plenty of nearby restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlours to keep you fueled for a day of activities. This is a good area to stay in, if you can find accommodation. 


Leighton Beach

Leighton is located just twelve kilometres south west of the city and is famous for its superfine white sand and some of the clearest turquoise waters around. This is a great place to bring the dog and a kite.


Swan River

Swan River is a lovely place to explore that is easy to get to. There are separate paths for walkers and bikers, so you'll never feel crowded or rushed. Both paths extend out for several kilometres and will give you a chance to take in the gorgeous views of Perth and the Swan River. You can also hire a kayak or a catamaran if you prefer to do your sightseeing while on the water during the warmer summer months.

Grab the ferry that takes off from South Perth and it will deliver you close to the city and Kings Park.


Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Plan to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy while exploring the lush Kings Park gardens. This is a great way to relax in a 400 hectare green area without ever leaving the city. You can bike around or take a walk. If you crave a little more activity, Jacob's Ladder is near Kings Park on Cliff Street. The 243 steep stairs are a popular spot with runners and athletes. It's sure to get your heart pumping.


The Bell Tower

History enthusiasts will find the Bell Tower a treasure trove. Each one of the twelve bells inside the tower date back to the 13th century originally. Queen Elizabeth I had them recast in the 16th century. If you time your visit to coincide with a scheduled bell ringing, you may be able to try your hand at it yourself.


Hay Street Mall

No holiday would be complete without a little shopping. And Perth has some wonderful shops to choose from. The Hay Street Mall is the main shopping street in the city and often hosts free public events, particularly on Friday evenings and weekends.


Rottnest Island

If you can spare an entire day, Rottnest Island is the place to spend it. The ferry to Rottnest leaves from Fremantle and you'll want to book it at least two days in advance, if you can manage it. Load up on sunscreen and water and take a hat with you because the sun is strong and you won't find much shade. But the local scenery is spectacular. You'll find that there is plenty to do out on the island. Besides bike rides, walks, relaxing on the beach you can also go snorkeling.



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