7 Job Types That Allow Work While Travelling

7 Job Types That Allow Work While Travelling

Quitting a permanent job to become a full-time traveller is not an easy decision to make.

Besides a handsome salary, you will also have to compromise on comfort and luxury that comes from a smooth earning. But now the world has developed and so has its employment trends!

In this era, you can choose not to sit in a boring office and rather travel the world while working in your desired field and earning a good amount of money. In the beginning, you might feel a big change in your life and experience an unexplainable fear. But with the passage of time, you’ll learn the perks of work while travelling and realize it to be your best decision ever!

If you’re impressed with the idea of work while travelling but don’t know where to begin, then look at these seven job types and decide the one that goes well with your career goal.


7 Job Types That Allow Work While Travelling

1.    Digital nomadism

Ta-da! The Internet has once again proved to be your best buddy. Digital nomad jobs are a type of employment that involves the use of technology around you to work for an organization, employer or even to run your firm. This type is for those who idealize nomadic lifestyle so they can work from wherever they are, whenever they desire. The best part about digital nomadism is that you can convert your current profession into this type to enjoy the thrill of travel while continuing your career.

This category involves many jobs such as:

  • Blogging/ Vlogging: this one is highly trending and full of fun! You can go to places and use your travel experience to create an appealing travel blog or start making videos such as cooking or make-up tutorials to begin an informative vlog! Either you’re good with fashion or lifestyle suggestions, blogging and vlogging will help you make some money while travelling.
  • Online Betting: this one will also support your plan of work-travel lifestyle. There is a lot of information about this online job on Google so you may search for the details. But for now, all I can inform you is that this employment is about placing an online bet on games such as football and cricket. So if you’re into sports, this is a good way to earn some money, but you may lose as well hence never bet overconfidently!
  • Virtual assistant: if you’ve got some expert skills such as technical, medical or administrative, use your expertise to become a virtual assistant and work while traveling.
  • Consultation or coaching: if you’re good with decoration or management, provide an online consultation and coaching to customers. Most companies do not hire a permanent consultant and prefer online consultants.
  • E-commerce: become an entrepreneur by using technology around you! Start an online shop and sell products, Ebooks, games and apps to earn a notable income monthly while travelling.


2.    Counseling or tutoring

Another job type that allows work while travel is counselling and tutoring. If you have got some impressive knowledge and skills of conveying that knowledge with effectiveness, then this employment is just perfect for you.

Let’s have a look at some jobs of this category:

  • English Teacher: are you a fluent English speaker? If yes, then go to countries that welcome English teachers to teach their kids an international language. Most of the institutes only require a bachelor degree in the English language with an additional certificate of TESL or TEFL. If you want to travel more frequently, you can choose to work for short term and join new institutes as you move to new places. As far as the pay is concerned, you can earn good money through this job as English teachers are in high demand in countries like Spain, Brazil, and Japan.
  • Online Teacher: this one can also be categorized as digital nomad job. Whether you’re good at mathematics or science, just upload your teaching expertise on the relevant website and find the students online to tutor through video chats using Skype.
  • Summer camp counselor: if you are into kids and fun activities then start looking for summer camp counselor jobs. You may find this type of employment all around the globe as every educational institute is running summer camps. You will also get free meals and accommodation, but you’ll have to acquire a working visa of hosting country before travel.
  • Translator: whatever language you’re fluent in, you’ll find a client out there. Whether it’s Chinese or German, French or Spanish, there are a lot of entrepreneurs, politicians, and tourists who require translators. Just have a command on a few languages and travel to wherever you desire while providing translation services.


3.    An AU pair job

Accommodation, food and salary, all in one package! I say this job is just amazing for full-time travellers. AU pair jobs are trending in Europe, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. This job is basically being a nanny while taking care of a few household chores as well.

But, unfortunately, AU pair jobs are not suitable if you’re looking forward to short-term employment and frequent travel. This position is usually based on a contract of 6 months hence if you can spend half a year in one place then go for it!


4.    Non-paying jobs

Here are some jobs that will not pay you but surely provide a place for accommodation and proper regular meal. This is best for those who are entirely independent and keen to travel rather than earning money.

Here is the list:

  • Blogging: as we already mentioned this one above in digital nomad category, let me inform you that blogging doesn’t secure any earnings in the beginning. Companies will hire newbies in exchange for their services rather than proper payment. For instance, a hotel brand might offer you meal discounts in exchange for writing about their trademark. But as soon you become a successful blogger, you may set a price. 
  • Couchsurfing: you want to visit places and need suitable accommodation for free? Well, Couchsurfing is your type of thing! Residents offer couch-surfers any free space available in exchange for looking after their property in their absence. It can be a single couch or a room, or even whole house depends on how lucky you may get!
  • Home Swap: you must have enjoyed face swap on snapchat, now try home swap to avail free accommodation while travelling. You may allow a family or individual from another country to use your place for accommodation during travel in exchange for their residence for a particular time of period.
  • Hostel work: many hostels may provide free housing and some food in exchange for your services such as cleaning, laundry and mechanical maintenance.
  • Volunteer work: it’s a short term job and allows frequent travelling. You may volunteer for farm work or any charity organisation to get accommodation free of cost while working. This job can also be done during disaster situations such as floods and earthquakes to help victims by travelling from far of countries.
  • House/Pet sitter: just like a babysitter, you can also become a house or pet sitter to get free accommodation in exchange for looking after the residence.

In short, these non-paid jobs surely do not support the idea of proper living, but if you are interested in travelling and witnessing the beauty of the world then free accommodation and meals are all you need! Read a few more ways to travel for free or next to nothing.


5.    Traditional Employment 

If you’re focused on your career and want to grow professionally, then you don’t have to quit your job while travelling but make it the purpose of the journey. Didn’t get me? Let me explain!

Traditional jobs that may also be called ordinary employments such as Medical, Engineering, IT and Artist jobs allow an international exposure. If you are a successful musician, you may travel to different countries for concerts and recordings. Same wise, if you’re a passionate doctor, then go to other destinations to acquire more exposure and knowledge while offering medical services. Individuals related to showbiz world also travel for work purposes such as filmmaking and modelling shoots.

Whatever you do, be good at it and travel to let it grow!


6.    Humanitarian jobs

Many international agencies conduct humanitarian work and hire skilled staff from all around the globe for unfortunate situations. They pay volunteer individuals like pharmacists, nutritionists, and HR professionals a right amount for providing aid to needy people in certain circumstances.


7.    Travel-related jobs

And here comes the last type that allows work while enjoying the taste of travelling! You can become a flight attendant or a pilot that can also be categorised as traditional jobs and allow frequent travelling. You may also join a cruise ship crew or become a tour guide, whatever you desire to travel while earning.


All in all, it’s time that you work and travel simultaneously and experience an unending fun, thrill, and exposure!

Go for any job type that suits you best and apply for employment today to see the world while showing off your work tactics!