7 Great Reasons For Living in Singapore

7 Great Reasons For Living in Singapore

What makes Life in Singapore so special?

The Diversity

The soul of this small country lies in its incredible diversity: people from every walk of life can find a reason to love it here. This is reflected in the space-age skyscrapers in the Central Business District, the historic shophouses in the neighbouring Colonial District, red lanterns in Chinatown, dense jungle in Bukit Timah, and the artificial sands of Sentosa Island.


The Career Opportunities

More and more multinationals are making Singapore their choice for setting up their regional, and often global headquarters. Singapore’s strategic geographical location, excellent infrastructure, stringent intellectual property protection, good physical and trade connectivity, and easy access to global talent allow global companies to meet the growing demand within the region, and worldwide.

Singapore is a travel hub for Asia, with thousands of flights coming in and going out of Changi Airport. Living in Singapore gives you the opportunity to even have weekend breaks to exotic travel havens like Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia. Cheap carriers like Tiger Airways and Air Asia make regular travel affordable.


The Food

The food here is a major draw. There can’t be many places in the world where the food gets this good, or varied. There is an eatery out there for every budget. From noodles at one of the many Hawker stalls to fine dining at some of the top (and most expensive) Western and Asian restaurants in the world. The Chili Crab is a must-try for all who visit Singapore. Check out the Dining in Singapore section for more.


Making New Friends

With such a large volume of expats in the same boat, Singapore is an easy place to meet like-minded people. This makes social life in Singapore extraordinarily vibrant. They run monthly social functions in top venues in Singapore. Another option for meeting people in a similar situation to you (and from the same country) is to look up your country’s Chamber of Commerce. There are often both social and networking events frequently organised by some CoCs.

If you play sport you’re already sorted: be it tennis, golf, rugby or anything else there are tons of clubs to join and all treat their members extremely well. Also, this is an excellent way to do some networking. There are also a number of social clubs available to those willing to pay.


The Weather

Leave your woollies at home because you’re not going to need them out here. With a year-round temperature range between 23 and 31 degrees, the weather is also a big motivator- just another thing that makes life in Singapore easier!


The Safety

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, mostly down to it’s incredibly low unemployment rate (around 2%) and the city-state’s harsh judicial system. It is also extremely clean. As for the transport system, Singapore has an infrastructure, with an efficient bus and train (the MRT) systems, and an abundance of taxis which are very reasonably priced. Peace of mind something you’ll have in daily life in Singapore- more than most cities, if not all cities!

One more thing – you can drink the tap water!