7 Australian Activities for Adventure Junkies

7 Australian Activities for Adventure Junkies

A trip to Australia will surely include exploring these things, but it also offers some heart-pumping outdoor activities and awesome adventures to experience.

If you are one of those people who tend to seek adventure and thrill out of the things they do, Australia offers multiple options to get that adrenaline rush you seek.


Here is a List of 7 Australian Tours Best Suited for Adventure Junkies: 

Bungy Jump - Cairns

The most famous extreme sport of them all, the bungee jump in Cairns offers a great deal of thrills.

The idea of throwing yourself off a high tower towards a shallow pool with a giant rubber band tied attached to your ankles is scary for most people but equally enjoyable for the adventure seekers. This activity offers immense adrenalin rush in a short amount of time and leaves you gasping for breath.


Zorbing Gold Coast

Zorbing is guaranteed to be like nothing you've ever experienced before. To put simply- the task here is to get inside a giant PVC ball, round and very bouncy. You jump inside it, it rolls down the hill and so do you! 

This new adventure can be experienced with or without water, making you feel like a ball…!!


Ghost Crime Tours - Adelaide

One of the most unique and fascinating tours in Australia, these particular tours involve guided visits to some of the most haunted locations in the city. The tours are based upon the real incidents that have left a spooky vibe at the places where they occurred. 

Adventure seekers who love to explore a haunted place can choose from one of the famous Port Adelaide ghost tours or book a paranormal lock-in in one of the most haunted hotels of Adelaide.

This activity is for you if you are thrilled by the idea of paranormal activity or would like to encounter a real ghost (if you are lucky)..!!  


Jet boating - Sydney Harbour

A very popular activity, the Jet Boating offers you a water jet boat ride with speeds reaching up to 75km/h.

It can be done individually or in a group boat. This activity involves a magnificent combination of sightseeing and traditional jet boating with spins, slides, power-break stops and fish-tails. The entire activity is set in the picturesque Sydney Harbour to give great views of the city.  


Camel Rides - Broome

Taking a camel safari along a seemingly endless, quiet beach as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean can be a best option for you if you are looking out for some light adventure.

As a matter of fact, if you fear animals, this ride will get the adrenaline going for you. This activity can be enjoyed alone or with your loved ones.


Surfing - Byron Bay 

Your trip to the east coast of Australia would be incomplete if you don’t give surfing a try. There are plenty of great spots between Sydney and Brisbane, but Byron Bay is best for beginners.

Plenty of surf schools serve pretty reasonable prices and help you soak in the thrill.


Great Ocean Walk - Victoria

The Great Ocean Walk has enabled travelers to go where the road could not. Stretching 104 kilometers from Apollo Bay, the track meanders through gum and eucalyptus forest, reaches Cape Otway Lightstation, traverses sand dunes, beaches and cliff-top tracks. The adventure begins when you come across rocky areas and steeper climbings.

There are shipwrecks to explore and magnificent views of the Twelve Apostles, with the complete hike bound by the coast.



With all these activities Australia really makes itself a go-to destination for every adventure junkie. So it's time for you to pack your bags, visit Australia and feel that adrenaline rush you long for.