6 Tips to See New York City on the Cheap

6 Tips to See New York City on the Cheap

New York is an iconic city in the truest sense. It’s a place that exudes the same charm and glitz you’ve seen in movies year after year. It may appear to be a pricey vacation destination to some but actually, it’s an attractive destination for budget travellers as well.

However, you need a bit of advanced planning to explore New York City on the cheap. From dining to grabbing discount ticket to shows, from saving on public transportation to finding the best free events and attractions - you need to learn a lot to visit the NYC on the cheap.


Here are 6 tips that will help you visit NYC on a budget

1. Trip Planning

Firstly, get a map of NYC and start planning your routes. First, find out the landmarks of the city and group them by the neighbourhood so that you could visit them conveniently and save time and money on taxis and subways. You should try to explore some of residential areas as well rather than visiting only places needing tickets. This way, you can see the spirit and ethos of real New York without having to cough up money.


2. Look for passes, freebies & discounts

A city pass helps save a lot in cases where tourists have plenty to see and do in New York. Armed with the New York Pass, you pay a one-time fixed rate and get entry into dozens of attractions. You could check websites of popular monuments like museums to check if they offer any free days in the week or any reduced-priced entry. Another way to save money on your New York trip is by searching free visits to landmarks and attractions in the city.


3. Stock up on coupons

Budget travellers should stock up on coupons to explore and visit New York City on the cheap. This way, they can get decent discounts on food, shopping and entry to famous landmarks. Prior to visiting, check on websites offering coupons and register with them to save money on the trip. So, start purchasing deals from the moment you have planned a NYC trip to enjoy the trip in a cost-effective manner.


4. Find and attend low-cost events

New York City witnesses a number of free or inexpensive art exhibits, concerts, show and readings etc. on a daily basis. You need to first find them and then attend them to feel the real essence of the city on the cheap. You can check on discount ticket websites to save money on Broadway tickets. If you’re not in a group or if you’re ready to accommodate a bit, then leftover tickets are there to be grabbed at theatres.


5. Plan your transportation perfectly

Buying subway passes is recommended to travellers having a longer stay in the city and wishing a cheap exploration of the city. Instead of taking a train, you should take a car particularly when you’re in a group as it helps save money. For those who love to drive around the city, a parking pass is a must else they might end up paying steep hourly fees where a flat rate would do. You can walk on foot for a leisurely exploration of Manhattan and save money on transportation.


6. Meals and lodging

When in New York, you must hit the streets and taste its range of delicious foods. Avoid upscale lounges and extravagant restaurants as they cost more. So, prefer eating where the students eat. To get authentic meals at affordable prices, find and head to ethnic neighbourhoods and meet up with like-minded people along the way. Don’t forget to leveraging happy hour prices at the bar or prefer visiting not-so crowded bars only.

For lodging, choose something outside Manhattan, find hostels, apartment rentals or share a bath at an inn or hotel.