6 Things to Do This Christmas in Rome

6 Things to Do This Christmas in Rome

Possibly the best time to visit Rome is during Christmas.

The city gets into the festive spirit and there’s no end to the activities available to you and sights you can see.

If festive cheer and Christmas celebrations are on your mind this year, then book your ticket, find some accomodation in Rome and start exploring this beautiful city.


Here We Bring You Some of the Top Things to Do in Rome During Christmas:

St Peter’s Tree

What is Christmas without a tree and in Saint Peter’s Square you will find a beautiful example of a Christmas tree. These trees measure around a 100 feet and are stunning each year.

Locals and tourists flock to catch a glimpse of the famous tree. There is also a life-size nativity scene that is created each year near the tree. One year the tree was sourced from Elk in Poland and measured 92 feet!


Ice Skating

Rome has its share of busy ice skating rinks and what better time to head to one than around Christmas.The rink in Parco dell’auditorium is an especially popular one to visit.


Gospel Festival

Held between the 21st and 31st December in Rome, this festival hosts multiple holiday concerts that are guaranteed to spread holiday cheer to everyone around.


Christmas Markets

Every year around Christmas time Rome has a whole host of Christmas markets that crop up all over town. One of the best ones is the Mercatini di Natale, which in recent years has become especially fun to explore. 


The Theatre

This time of year sees even the theatres playing Christmas themed productions and adds to the festive cheer. One of the best shows to watch is of course the Nutcracker that plays at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roman.

The Teatro Argentina also plays several festive shows during this time of year.


Roman Streets

What better, and absolutely free, way of exploring Rome than simply wandering through its streets? During the festive season the streets of Rome are dressed up in lights and decorations, adding a warmth to every street corner and bringing festive cheer to anyone who walks through these streets.


Whether you are a local in Rome or are visiting for the first time, you will find that Christmas is one of the nicest times of year to visit this beautiful city.