6 Reasons Why Bangalore is a Kickass City

6 Reasons Why Bangalore is a Kickass City

What's not to love in the city of Bangalore? The city is youthful, fun, lively, energizing and obliges everybody's needs paying little respect to age!

It has carnivals for the children, some of the best nightlife for the adolescents, awesome working air and environment for the middle-aged individuals and the best atmosphere in the nation and good social orders making it a heaven for pensioners and old-age individuals.


Through the span of years, Bangalore has seen an enormous ascent in the quantity of youngsters. This prompted better tourism for the city and opening up of better places to eat, drink, party and suit the visitors. The airport and railway stations have gotten busier over the years and you will see a good bunch of youngsters coming from all corners of the country.


So what makes Bangalore this unquestionably cherished destination?

The awesome climate

Compared to the other big cities in India, Bangalore has a cool and calm climate all throughout the year. Individuals visit this spot since it has the climate of a hill station yet at the same time is a kickass city where you can party till you drop.

Shop-shop away!

Bangalore has some top shopping centers. From famous shopping centers like Phoenix shopping mall, Oasis shopping mall, Garuda shopping mall, Forum shopping mall etc. This city is a definitive spot to look for anything! Bangalore has shops of incredibly famous designers that you won't discover anyplace else in India.

It’s a coffee loving city

On the off chance that you are a coffee addict, this city will without a doubt intrigue you. Bangalore has a good selection of the quirkiest and the best cafes that you can find in India! The vast majority of the cafes are themed based and you will find them scattered all over the city. Yes, even your most loved chain of cafe, the 'Cafe Coffee Day' began from Bangalore.

Amusement park fun

An hour drive from the city and low behold, you will have reached the popular Wonderla Amusement Park! Lying before you is one of the greatest and the best event congregations you will have ever seen or experienced! From an ocean of rides, for both youngsters and grown-ups, this park is an absolute necessity visit in the event that you have an entire day to spend.

Sippin’ through the night

As much as the general population of Bangalore loves their espresso, they also adore their lager. Breweries can be seen in many parts of the city particularly Brigade road and Indiranagar. You will dependably discover a many of these spots in the many lists of things to do in Bangalore. 

Shake it off!

The bar scene in Bangalore is, for the most part, themed based. From European themed, Pirate themed and Rock and Roll based, it is always enjoyable to hang out at the bars of Bangalore. The bars for the most part play rock and roll music and serve an extensive variety of liquor with some awesome bar snacks.
The bar scene in Bangalore beats the nightclubs as the closing time for these spots are extremely early. So before you get the genuine feel of having a great time celebrating, the party stops and the music stops and the lights go out. Which is the reason the bar scene triumphs over dance clubs in Bangalore.